Irate Gamer, one of the first joke characters in the Lapisverse.

Joke Characters are any type of character that are usually added as a joke. They tend to be weaker than normal characters or are equal to or secretly better than normal characters.

The Joke Character Scale is used to measure such characters.

Types of Joke Characters

Suicidal Gags

Characters that can only cause harm to themselves or adsorb most of the damage from their attacks.

(Number 1 on the Joke Character scale.)

Punching Bags

Practically useless. While they can still move, they can't really fight back.

(Number 2 on the Joke Character scale.)

Gypped Characters

Characters with almost normal movesets, but they are set back by the fact they are incredibly weak.

(Numbers 3-6 on the Joke Character scale.)

Secretly Normal

These characters act like normal characters under a jokey exterior.

(Number 7 on the Joke Character scale.)

Secretly Overpowered

These characters are actually overpowered if you can figure out how to use them correctly.

(Numbers 8-14 on the Joke Character scale.)

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