John Madden's Double Dash Racing 2014, is a collaborative kart racing umbrella game created by .vectorDestiny and Sr.Wario. The game features many mechanics from various racing games into one, such as two racers, weapons, items, battle mode, and Super Moves(pending name). The game also uses the rarely used in racers Story Mode featuring bosses and missions.

The game's story is currently unknown.


The game is a kart racer ala Mario Kart, but adds various elements to the game such as Weapons used to slow down foes and flowers, which when collected add to a bar. When this bar is filled up fully, the character/characters Super Move is available. The game also features similar gameplay to Diddy Kong Racing in the way that players can choose vehicles for the land, air, sea, and all. TBA


  • Single Race: Players(or a player and the CPUs) race around one track with classic rules. All regular features are available.
  • Double Dash: Two players race together in one kart.
  • Grand Prix: Players race around 4 tracks in a row with others or the computer, and attempt to have the most points at the end.
  • Story Mode: Players go through a story with various unique missions and boss battles.
  • Boss Rush: Fight all bosses from Story Mode in a row.
  • Battle Mode: A competitive mode in the style of Mario Kart DS's battle mode.
  • Super Race: Players must try to accumulate as many flowers as possible. Whoever does their super first wins.

Story Mode



Starting Characters

There are ??? Starting Characters.

Character Description Stats Super Move
Super Mario !
Mario is the most famous plumber from the Mushroom Kingdom universe, saving princess and karting with his biggest enemy. Mario is an all-around character, having average stats.
Speed: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Items: 3/5
Tricks: 3/5
Super Fireball (with Luigi)
Luigi ws
Mamma mia...
Luigi is Mario's brother that often doesn't gets much attention like his brother. He is somewhat a coward against bigger threats but still fight them regardless. His stats are the same as his brother.
Speed: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Items: 3/5
Tricks: 3/5
Super Fireball (with Mario)
Gotta go fast!
Sonic is a carefree blue hedgehog always on the run and on adventures to stop Dr. Eggman. Sonic has less control but is faster than most characters.
Speed: 5/5
Power: 1/5
Items: 3/5
Tricks: 3/5
Sonic Heroes (with Tails)


Similar to Diddy Kong Racing, the players can choose a ground, air or a water vehicle


Vehicle Description Stats Default Vehicle for
Blue Star / Yellow Tail
Two boards which have the ability to hover in a short distance from the ground, the Blue Star and Yellow Tail shares same stats but they have unique traits, the Blue Star can grind on rails, while the Yellow Tail can go through flight rings. The P1 uses the Blue Star and the P2 uses the Yellow Tail on Double Dash mode. Dash: 3/5
Power: 1/5
Off-Road: 4/5
Items: 3/5
Sonic the Hedgehog (Blue Star)
Miles "Tails" Prower (Yellow Tail)


Vehicle Description Stats Default Vehicle for
An airplane that are used on a certain hedgehog's adventures. Created by his fox friend, the Tornado has been changed through the years but the first form is this one. It is fast but is weak so be careful. Dash: 4/5
Power: 1/5
Resistence: 2/5
Items: 3/5
Miles "Tails" Prower


Hybrid vehicles

Hybrid vehicles are vehicles that can be used in all the terrains. They are only used in certain missions on the Story Mode and requires 1,000,000 coins to buy each one of them.

Vehicle Description Stats
Mario's 7th Kart
Mario's 7th Kart is one of his most useful. On this kart, the player can fly in the air, drive on the ground and go through the water. The vehicle itself has average stats. Dash: 3/5
Power: 3/5
Off-Road: 3/5
Items: 3/5







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