Jared Sura
Full Name Jared Michael Sura
Current Age 32
Gender Male
Species Human
Current Status Alive
Class Scientist
Main Weapon(s) Robot Limbs
Ability/ies Science.. or something like that.
Height 6'1
First Appearance Timeless Warriors
Jared Sura is the original creator of HELEN, and the owner of Frenonian Labs. Jared Sura is an award winning scientist who is known mostly for his work on the items titled Skeletron Prime, General Grievous, and Sinistar. All but one of his limbs (right arm) are robotic, as being a hard-working scientist has some consequences. Jared is seen to be somewhat skilled at Katanas, saying he learned them for self defense against haywire lab experiments.


Jared has brown hair that is a bit messy, being somewhat all over the place. He wears glasses, and seems to have one blue eye and one green. His robotic arms aren't designed to look like human arms, and seem to look like very bulky robot arms, allowing hand-to-hand combat skills. He has a labcoat that has flames painted on it, the flames wrapping around the lab coat. He usually wears blue jeans and some black shoes. During Combat, he has two katanas situated on his back, one painted blue and the other painted red.


Jared is very serious, and isn't one to crack a joke. He takes pride in his inventions, and only destroys them if he has to, which leads to problems sometimes. He seems to not get jokes most of the times, aswell. Surprisingly most of his strategies seem to fail, even though he's an amazing scientist.

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