Current Age 15
Gender Female
Species Human
Align Hero
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Dual Rifle
Ability/ies High dexterity, ambidextrous
Vulnerable To the past, and everything related to it
Height 4'10"
Weight 95 lbs
First Appearance Split Personality

Janie is one of Pierce's traveling buddies in Split Personality, and is a 15 year old girl who came from a devastated future of an alternative universe.  Having originally escaped a future of bloody fates and a world that octopuses ruled and fought her way to kill Pierce, whom she thought destroyed the world, she joined Pierce in his quest to find out who he is and save the world, although she isn't aware that Pierce is controlled by two spirits nor does she know his true motivations.


Split Personality


Janie was originally born to a depressed mother and a psycho father, the latter of whom jacked her when she was still an little bitty baby, and did it again when she was six.  Both times combined ended up having to give her face surgery as it messed her up. However, by the time she was six, she was a little more aware of what happened and called the cops half a year later when she was taught how to call the police.  She was unable to describe what happened, but the father was taken to prison as the police believed the child's story.

Growing up, her mother died and eventually her father, and she hid away from society, not caring for anyone but herself at the time, finding nothing but her own safety vital.  When the world went to Hell, she did nothing about herself and was subsequently captured by a race of octopuses whom rose up from the cracks of the world and took her into their tentacle arms.  However, a flood of emotions raced inside her and she began fighting the octopuses when a portal opened up.  Upon going through it to escape the octopuses, she fell half naked into the Split Personality story.

Knowing she escaped and that she has been unable to do anything about her world or do anything right there, she decided to use this new world to become a better person.  Upon searching for places to help out, she came across a bar, and thought there might be fights inside, as typical at bars from her world.  She found Pierce Hazel, face down, on the bar, and after poking his arm and getting no response, she thought he was dead and got an ambulance.  Although she was proven wrong later and Pierce was simply too lazy to get up, she was later invited to go along Pierce's journey via Pieci taking over Pierce's body and convincing her despite Darine's efforts to push her back.

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Janie is a young girl whom looks like she came from Wild West tall tales. Her hair is red and is tied up into pigtails, and her cowboy hat is brown and dusty. Unusually though, her eyes are of a red color and she wears a black dress with the designs of the zodiac symbols over it. She wears flip flops. Around her face is metal head protection to prevent her face from screwing up from anything else. She can take off the protection, though.


Janie is ambidextrous and has high dexterity, and has really, really good aim, almost always being on cue with her shots. Due to her sharp focus, she can use two weapons simultaneously, even if they're completely different, and aim them where she wants. Due to a face surgery that she had when she was young, there is head protection that reflects bullets and most weapons.


Janie is a nice person, although comes off bitter pretty often. She is really quick to change her mood, she can be happy one second and completely lose it the next. When Janie gets in trouble, she is quick to apologize, and when it's necessary, she's quick to tell the truth. When it looks like she needs to help someone, she often does so without hesitation. But lose her trust...and you don't have it anymore.

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  • Some parts of Janie are - rather obviously - reflected by Aerosmith's single "Janie's Got a Gun".
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