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The second season of the Ironworks Pioneers aired from December 2nd of 2018 to April 14th of 2019, and consisted of a total of 20 full length episodes.  The episodes all revolve the protagonists Bowie and his family members as they continuously fight through the Ironworks madness.

The entire season has been written by .snickedge.

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date U.S. Viewers (millions)
21 1 Through the Fire December 2nd, 2018 3.80
After the defeat of Endal, the teddy bears start attempting to clear up the city's fire, only to find that someone has been trying to stop their works.  They spend their time in their old house, wondering who's been trying to shut down their work after Endal fell apart.  Little do they know that a new foe has been stopping their works, having been trained by that same monkey to stop Bowie's progress shall he be defeated...we get a close up of this villain, who commands Fudgebuckets to go out and destroy Bowie and his family, once and for all.
22 2 Strategy December 9th, 2018 3.70
Flare and Sabeuxo discuss their strategies to take down the person who's been messing up the Ironworks, continuously setting it on fire.  In the meanwhile, Bowie is kidnapped, leading the group to become very startled and afraid.  Plot B brings forth Bowie attempting to struggle free from his capture, but failing each and every time due the tightness of the metal beams that keep him in place.  Fudgebuckets eventually scents out the others' location and attacks them head on, and they barely manage to take him down.
23 3 Breaking Down the Walls December 16th, 2018 3.80
Bowie attempts to struggle free, but relies on the others to save him.  Sabeuxo and the others charge forward to the destroyed heart of the Ironworks, and start smashing their way against the walls, surrounded with damaged apes who and try to stop their progress.  Bowie spends his time listening to the cruel, yet sweet toned words of someone who isn't him, leading him to believe that Endal has a successor.
24 4 "Fangerine" December 23rd, 2018 3.90
The creature identifies itself to Bowie as "Fangerine", a wolf species that Endal hired to finish off his work in case he died.  The others catch up and try to attack Fangerine, but fail as she slices them away with her powerful claws.  Bowie is set free just to see how much of a fight he can do against her, but he fails almost instantly as she cuts down all his ropes and traps, and gives him a severe injury to the left arm.  Fangerine prepares to fire a bomb at them, leading Sabeuxo to grab the entire crew and run away, the Ironworks going under another wave of fire.
25 5 Scaling the Ironworks December 30th, 2018 3.50
Bowie and friends decide that enough is enough and start scaling the Ironworks to seek out and destroy Fangerine, although Bowie can hardly do it due to his cut arm.  Along the way though Sabeuxo decides that Bowie is too weak to keep going and starts arguing that he should go back, leading to many arguments.  Eventually the argument becomes heavy and the two stop ascending, and the others stay there, waiting for them to stop arguing.  Fangerine arrives at the scene, having been searching for new resources, and suddenly attacks both brothers, sending them falling.
26 6 Sibling Rivalry January 6th, 2019 3.40
Bowie and Sabeuxo end up in a pit and spend the episode arguing with one another, despite Bowie slowly losing more and more of himself as time passes.  Their argument is interrupted with explosions from above, presumingly from Fangerine attempting to kill them.  The two know that they need to get out of there, and Sabeuxo runs ahead, not caring to pick Bowie up, much to his confusion.  Bowie crawls along the ground, attempting to escape, and rolls away just as he was gonig to get hit.
27 7 Around the Bend January 13th, 2019 3.50

Sabeuxo catches up to the others and they continue on a slow, in-construction road, with several monkeys attempting to attack them from all directions.  Bowie in the meanwhile is attempting to catch up, very weakened and having moments where he needs to escape foes, and just barely manages to escape them.  In the midst of these fights, Windi attempts to make stew for everyone, despite the fact that teddy bears cannot logically eat anything.  At the episode's end, Bowie looks up in the air, and sees a descending blue bear.

It is not Ashe.

28 8 Recruit from the Outside January 20th, 2019 3.80
The mysterious blue bear attacks Bowie upon sight, believing him to be an imposter, leading to a short lived battle between the two, the blue bear winning and Bowie having his left arm fall off.  As the bear was about to finish off Bowie, Sabeuxo suddenly appears from the bend and goes in front of Bowie and attacks him, claiming him to being an imposter of Ashe, telling Bowie to just run.  However, Bowie refuses and with Sabeuxo's help, the blue bear is taken down.  They could not finish him off however as Fangerine attacks once more, with a deceased monkey by the name of Endal attached to her ship.  The blue bear realizes that Bowie is not the enemy - and vice versa - and attacks the monkey, leading to the next episode.
29 9 Blue and Green and Red January 27th, 2019 3.90
Bowie and the unknown ally begin their first real fight against Fangerine with Sabeuxo's assistence.  As the war drags on, Bowie realizes more and more things about the mysterious person, and starts recognizing things such as his scarf, his eyes, and the like, while noting his similarities to Ashe.  Fangerine seems invincible to attacks and Bowie and the other person are shoved back easily by everything.  It wasn't long before an attack by Fangerine knocks Bowie off the battlefield and into a bottomless pit, prompting Unten to finish off Fangerine by attacking the bottom of her ship, causing it to malfunction, leading the bears to hide alongside Fangerine, who just escapes.  Bowie wakes up, and can't remember who he is, but notes the red wrapping tape next to him, and becomes something entirely different.
30 10 Ironworks War February 3rd, 2019 4.00
Walking back home, Ashe wonders what happened to Bowie, with Sabeuxo noting that he has died and that he will have a good time in the place where no one needs to see his "ugly mug" ever again.  Somewhat disgusted by the remark, the ally slaps Sabeuxo, telling him that he should be more respectful towards his family, and smugly Sabeuxo asks him where is his family, to which he held himself silent.  Back home, Sabeuxo reactivates X and lifts him into another room to begin training.  Ashe and Windi welcome the ally into their home and ask him to read them a story as Bowie is absent, and tells them that he has no time.
31 11 Training Again February 10th, 2019 3.50
X and Sabeuxo spend their time training once again, as X was deactivated from having been overused and from the smoke rising from his body in the finale of season 1.  However, as they go into training, Bowie is seen once more, training himself to fight monkeys around him, still not sure what he's doing.  Bowie refers to himself as the "Red in Ribbons" and continues throughout the rest of the episode under this strange name.  X and Bowie eventually get to the point where they both beat up their specific target in one go, and they start advancing forward in training.  Bowie is then told by a mysterious voice to visit the Ironworks' center, and not noting where it came from nor caring, he advances forward.
32 12 Sweet Revenge February 17th, 2019 3.80

Bowie rushes to the Ironworks' center, and gets an arm stitch from a human in a cloak, with a strange needle for a  finger.  This human eventually goes into a portal.  Bowie goes towards his house, where he finds the blue ally, his family, and X reading and telling each other stories.  The blue bear is recognizable to him but all ally-ship is forgotten so Bowie assaults the bear, and Sabeuxo tries to pry Bowie off, exclaiming that his name is Unten and he has a bone to pick with Fangerine as well.


33 13 Exceeding the Limits February 24th, 2019 3.80
Unten, the name of the blue ally, does not succeed in managing to get Bowie to help him fight off Fangerine's forces, as the green one goes into hiding, still under his Red in Ribbons alias.  Tired of how long everything is taking, he tells Bowie's family that they are to go to Fangerine's base and lay a personal assault on her headquarters, and defeat her once and for all.  Sabeuxo doesn't approve of the plan but is forced to accept it as everyone else is willing to take the opportunity.  Flare and Windi go outside to scout a route to the base, and Ashe is sent out to find and bring Bowie back to them.
34 14 Reskinned and Renewed March 3rd, 2019 4.10
Endal's deceased body is shown in a laboratory, with a dark cape hanging above his body, the monkey lifeless and rather limp, hanging in place.  Fangerine is pacing the place, trying to figure out how to find Bowie and use his skin to fix up Endal and give him new life.  Instead however, she comes across Flare, who was looking for how to get to her base, and as a result, Fangerine takes her and tosses her into a boiling pot to be used as new parts for Endal.  Bowie in the meanwhile is practicing how to fight against foes and escaping the hands of Ashe and the rest of his family as well.  The end of the episode has a glowing red eye emerging from the shadows.
35 15 The Curious Factory March 10th, 2019 4.00
Windi reports back to family that Flare is missing, but she has found the factory, much to Unten and the others' delight.  They immediately advance to the factory and slam their way through the various doors of it, but slowly reduce their pace and study how the factory was built.  After a small conversation, Fangerine interrupts and drops off an egg, which hatches Endal, complete with Flare's skin, revealing to Bowie that Flare has died.  Endal attacks the team instantly, whilst Bowie tries reaching where Endal is, feeling his presence.
36 16 Shut Down Sequence March 17th, 2019 3.90
A battle between Unten and Endal starts destroying some of the base, triggering a shut down sequence, with Bowie finally catching up to the others, having regained some of his memory.  Bowie attacks Endal upon sight, not aware of the booming alarms heard throughout the building, and eventually it's revealed that they only have fifteen minutes to escape before everything blows up.  Everyone manages to escape but Bowie, and Sabeuxo goes back inside and shoves Bowie out just before the place blows up.
37 17 The Plunge March 24th, 2019 3.70
Endal is seemingly defeated - rather quickly this time - but it appears to just be an excuse for Fangerine to finish up her plans and launch her Death's Construction plans.  Annoyed, Unten goes out to confront Fangerine alongside Bowie, the two talking as they go, and even become somewhat of friends.  Fangerine meanwhile enlists Fudgebuckets' help to plunge the Ironworks in foggy skies and shut down the factories so that no one has power.  
38 18 The Leader has Fallen March 31st, 2019 4.00
Bowie and Unten finally climb to Fangerine's final hideout, and confront her in a second major battle, Bowie abandoning his alter ego.  Despite efforts, they are quickly defeated and Bowie is slashed hard, with his arms now off.  Bowie falls down out of unconsciousness and the fact that he is losing fluff, his life source.  Angered, Unten enlists the help of Sabeuxo and the two try to fight Fangerine, although she proves invincible to their attacks, and tells them that if they wish to defeat her, they need to climb to the top of the nearby mountain and survive Death's Construction.  A mechanical laughing is heard in the background.
39 19 Death's Construction, Part I April 7th, 2019 4.20
Sabeuxo and Unten climb to the top of the mountain Fangerine set them up to go up, and the two opposers of her work get into various arguments along the way, which begins to hinder their strategy and they break up and go separate ways, Unten being left to fight off Death's Construction alone.  As he goes, Fangerine chases him, making him run for his life, engaging him at the mountain top with her plans.  A renewed Endal is released from Fangerine's arms, looking like a cross between a monkey, a phoenix, and a cyborg, and forces it to attack Unten, easily tackling him down.  Upon tearing him open though, Fangerine gasps as it wasn't really Unten, but a black teddy bear, wounded and torn apart for reasons currently unknown.  Even as Endal prepares to finish it off, the earth from underneath crackles.  Fangerine, Endal, the black bear, and a wounded Bowie and a tired Sabeuxo look in horror to see the Ironworks split apart, a giant orb emerging from the depths of the Earth, awakened by all this noise and destruction.
40 20 Death's Construction, Part II April 14th, 2019 4.40

The giant monster, the Terrafying Globe as dubbed by Endal in whisper, begins attacking the world, sending everyone off into hiding and fear, lying its destruction everywhere, wreaking immense havoc.  Almost everyone in the episode hides, mutters last words, and the like as the beast attacks.  Endal, regaining his senses, returns to the destroyed central computer of the Ironworks and picks up information from the supercomputer about the Terrafying Globe, noting that destroying the globe will reset the events back to when the Ironworks were never made, but time will resume as normal.  Having come so far, Endal felt defeated and set bombs throughout the Ironworks, getting out and grabbing Bowie, Ashe, Windi and Sabeuxo and the black bear as the globe blew up alongside the buildings, hiding underground with his enemies.  Upon them escaping the reshaping underground, they find that a new forest stood where the Ironworks once was.  Fangerine, additionally, is unable to be seen, implying that she has died.

"God." muttered Ashe.

Release on DVD

The entire first season was released on DVD four years after the last episode's airing.  Not just featuring the original episodes, it also brings forth commentary, original concepts, and behind the scenes works for Season 3. Details about the old BowieQuest are actually featured in the DVD.


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