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The first season of the Ironworks Pioneers aired from November 12th of 2017 to March 25th of 2018, and consisted of a total of 20 full length episodes.  The episodes all revolve the protagonists Bowie, Ashe, Flare, Sabeuxo, and Windi, and at some point X, as they fight their way through the mechanical forces of Endal.

The entire season has been written by .snickedge.

No. (series) No. (season) Title Air Date U.S. Viewers (millions)
1 1 Collision November 12th, 2017 3.40
The episode kicks off with Bowie and Endal still fighting from the final battle presented in the preseries film.  Eventually, Bowie lures the monkey away from him with his rope, lashing him away, granting the teddy bears a chance to hide deep within the Ironworks.  Meanwhile, Fudgebuckets and Ripe experiment new weapons for Endal, although a few of them blow up in their faces.  Closer to the episode's conclusion, the teddy bears seek shelter in a small building, which would shortly become their replacement home for the majority of the first season.
2 2 Straightforward November 19th, 2017 3.50
Bowie commands the other teddy bears to lead a forward assault on Endal's base despite Flare warning him that he is severely injured and wouldn't survive much more damage.  A small "conversation" between Ashe and his father, made difficult to interpret due to Bowie being unable to truly speak, leads the gang back home, but not before Fudgebuckets descends and attacks them.  Windi sneaks off into a store of the Ironworks, unnoticed by the others, attempting to buy a pink and purple yo-yo without being noticed by anyone who acknowledges her illegal prescence.
3 3 Brainstorming November 26th, 2017 3.40
Sabeuxo is working slowly on a series of inventions whilst the outside of the bears' home is shroudded with a thick, prickly cloud.  Each invention fails, much to his annoyance, due to the presence of Windi in the room, attempting to help him.  A resulting slam of weight onto Windi's forehead to knock her out is interrupted by Ashe calling for Sabeuxo's invention to kill off the outside clouds that block their chances to do actions outside.  Disappointed, Sabeuxo was unable to finish anything, and calls for Bowie to take Windi down.  He eventually finishes a machine to kill off the clouds outside, but trouble arises when he actually tests the invention on Windi to kill her.
4 4 Sewage Mapping December 3rd, 2017 3.40
The latest attempts to stop Endal's empire from expanding involve reaching his headquarters through the sewage, the eternity of it mapped out by a computer device put together carefully by a recently arrived cousin of Ashe: Oscargen.  The whole team, barring Sabeuxo who decides to stay home and let the others suffer, venture deep into the sewage, but eventually become hopelessly lost.  Back at Endal's base, a war machine is being built, and is first tested on its creators; Fudgebuckets and Ripe.  Fudgebuckets fails to mention his encounter with the teddy bears in "Straightforward".  Eventually, the teddy bears find their way out of the sewage system, only to find their way back home, and it is realized that they need a lot more than courage to storm through.
5 5 Sludge Flood December 10th, 2017 3.30
Endal hovers in the sky with his telekinesis and hollars down to the city that it will receive another ground layer: a layer of sludge.  As he speaks, the city receives a tidal wave of garbage and toxins, and slowly rages down the streets.  This doesn't endanger the bears by itself, but it brought along battleships whom are resistant to the toxins, whom start attacking the bears upon sight, forcing them to hide in the shadows of the Ironworks or inside their home.  It isn't long before Ashe starts trying to formulate a plan for the bears, which Bowie shows interest in and tries to motionally show that he needs to form a solution as soon as possible.  Endal is having trouble working out the complex controls of his machine in the meanwhile.
6 6 Shoveling December 17th, 2017 3.40
Ashe leads the teddy bears forward with Bowie's consent to shovel the sludge out of their way with the walls of their own home.  The process works and the ships are pushed further from home, but eventually, Bowie realizes the walls of the house are breaking down, and before he could fix it, the entire house falls apart, and it's the only home they had a chance of having for the moment.  In anger, Bowie prepares to strike Ashe, but has a flashback to his childhood when he himself was struck, and he doesn't do the action, instead reassuring his child that they would eventually get a new house by patting his shoulder and making the word "new home" on paper.  Sabeuxo calls the two over to help finish up the shoveling work when they are attacked by Endal's war machine.
7 7 Fight! December 24th, 2017 3.30
Bowie and Endal have a one on one battle despite Bowie's injuries, and surely enough Bowie takes damage from the war machine.  The other bears step in and help Bowie, except for Sabeuxo, who is working on plans to be seen in the forthcoming episode.  Eventually, Ashe manages to lay out a plan, and Bowie uses his rope to tie Endal's machine to the ground, then yank on the rope to swing the machine forward, making Endal slam his head into the dashboard and make the air bag go off, severely damaging him.  The family takes the opportunity to run away from Endal before he can use any of his machine's weapons.  When the monkey recovers and removes the airbag off of his body, the face of him is seen falling off, revealing an endoskeleton.  Endal puts his revealed-to-be fake face back on and pursues the bears.
8 8 A Hopeful New Year December 31st, 2017 3.90
The teddy bears head back to their destroyed home and start putting it back together, and prepare for the new year, which would be spent in miserable pain in the words of Flare.  A fire is set up to roast a small supply of marshmallows, and they are eventually joined by a benevolent Ripe, who complained that Endal wouldn't share any food for the new year. After they finish off the marshmallows, they go to sleep, but not before Ripe heads back to the fortress. When Bowie wakes up, he looks at a note left behind by her; "Soon."
9 9 Infiltrating January 7th, 2018 3.40
Bowie and the others, barring Sabeuxo who stayed home, are seen running through the sewers, with Fudgebuckets hot on their trails, having heard of Ripe's pleasant New Year with them.  Eventually, the bears break through the sewers inside the trash room of Endal's home, forcing them to become very stealthy and sneak up on the monkey.  In the meanwhile, Endal is very unaware of the bears' presence, and just relaxes in his seat, playing computer games.  It isn't long before the bears find Endal and attack him, but between Fudgebuckets and Endal, they easily capture the bears, especially because of the injuries given off from the war machine, which is shown in the corner of the room in perfect condition, despite having been bent in the last battle.  Endal orders the two other monkeys to throw the bears in the Ironworks Prison, much to Ripe's dismay.
10 10 Jailed January 14th, 2018 3.10
The bears are thrown in jail after being successfully caught by Endal and the other primates, and are left to die.  The teddy bears, especially the hard working Bowie, struggle to find ways out of the prison, but eventually tire out and lie on the floor.  To their surprise, Ripe pops out from the shadows and just lets the teddy bears go, but tells them to move quickly, or they'll get caught again.  The bears head into the sewers, and Ripe quickly works on making an imposter of Bowie and the others to fool her master into thinking they're the real assistants.  The bears eventually reach home, only to find Sabeuxo grinning, awaiting their return.  Behind him was a fully functioning computer, set up by Oscargen to hack into Endal's data system.
11 11 Secrets and Codes January 21st, 2018 3.00
Oscargen, with the help of Sabeuxo, hack into Endal's data system and obtain precious data regarding his plans to revamp the Ironworks into the capital city of his empire.  In shock, Bowie suggests on paper to take down Endal as soon as possible, and attempts leading the team outside, but they force him back and tell him that Endal will be roaming the streets and searching for Bowie as soon as possible.  They have to hide Bowie because apparently he is the only person who can truly stop his plans, and he must be elliminated for Endal to continue his full plans.
12 12 Metal Birth January 28th, 2018 2.90
Endal found out about the decoys, and without spoiling it to his teammates, he created "X".  X is a battery that is intended to copy skills and use them against others, no matter what they are, and placed it inside of the Bowie decoy.  X came to life, and following the direct, harsh directions of Endal, he went after the teddy bears.  Immediately upon leaving the base, it was smashed by a falling building, damaging it and sending it towards the ground.  Its memory went wrong, but it continued to persue Bowie.  In the meanwhile, Ripe is trying to fight her way to Fudgebuckets' heart and convince him to ditch Endal for his own goals.
13 13 Duplicate Showdown February 4th, 2018 2.80
Despite a memory tamperment, X eventually found Bowie, and started attacking him, although with the wrong attacks, each of which Bowie was able to quickly avoid.  The teddy bears panic, besides Sabeuxo, who was watching the fight without the slightest worry for his younger "brother".  Eventually, X gives up and stops fighting, basically becoming a punching bag for Bowie to use.  Rather than beating it up, Bowie left it alone, and left Ashe to ask it where to find Endal.  Without hesitating, the robot got up, and pointed in Endal's general direction, and joined the heroes, despite damage from the "original".
14 14 Love and Courage February 11th, 2018 2.80
Flare and Windi attempt teaching X how to love, and how to gain the courage to go out again as it refused to do any actual fighting since the episode's beginning, following his loss to Bowie.  Their persuading fails, and Fudgebuckets soons attacks the bears, with X deciding to fight off the monkey, not willing to let his "master controller" die through the means of an unworthy foe.  In panic, Fudgebuckets retreats to warn his master of the battery's revolution against them.  In the meanwhile, Bowie is attempting to unstitch his mouth and actually become able to speak, but fails, humorously removing a small part of his face, which he reassembles quite quickly.
15 15 Oil Travel Feburary 18th, 2018 3.00
Flare suggests traveling across a sea of oil to find a new path to Endal's base.  However, Ashe refuses and wants to stay around with X and train him.  Despite efforts, Bowie drags his son along - as well as the robot - onto a small voyage.  This voyage is constantly interrupted by many tamperments with the ship, including strange patterns in Ashe's behavior.  Thinking nothing of it, the crew press on, and eventually come to the end of the sea, on the other side of the Ironworks, where there is a fork in the road.  The team splits up - Bowie, Flare, and Windi go one way whilst Ashe, Sabeuxo and X go the other way.  The former team almost immediately encounter Endal's war machine, ending the episode.
16 16 Surrounded February 25th, 2018 3.00
Bowie, Flare, and Windi become surrounded by primates and Endal's war machine, and have almost no means of escape.  They take on Endal's machine and try to bring it down, with Bowie's winning attempt being to tie the machine to an explosive and let the monkey make the tear in it.  The town eventually catches the flames and goes on fire itself, and the small team makes a narrow escape, risking their lives by going through the midst of the flames.  In anger, Endal chases them down with his half functioning mech, leaving the episode to a halt.  In the midst of the confusion, Sabeuxo is teaching X how to fight whilst they're in an abandoned restaurant.
17 17 Training March 4th, 2018 2.90
Sabeuxo starts out the episode by lashing X, and telling the robot to follow specific commands and to make the best use out of its abilities.  The training goes along well, but Ashe is watching with a dark, gloomy expression, and eventually the blue bear gets up and attacks both of them.  X eventually lays an assault against Ashe, and the two have a fight against one another.  In the end, the robot is flung towards the wall, with Ashe laughing out loud.  Sabeuxo, confused, tries to figure out what happened to Ashe, but then realize that the oil travel must have splashed gunk onto Ashe, ruining his clothing and soaking into his body, damaging his "mind".  Sabeuxo then does something that he hardly regrets - he strikes a match and keeps it to the ground, letting the place go ablaze, and Ashe with it.  The episode ends, the restaurant exploding right before then.
18 18 Preparations March 11th, 2018 3.40
Ashe actually wasn't dead; he was back at home, having refused Bowie's offer.  Ashe sent out a decoy of himself, which didn't work very well and functioned wrongly.  Instead, he was working on equipping himself with weapons, and preparing to take on Endal by himself, as his family was seemingly taking too long to formulate a plan to defeat him.  All seems to go wrong though when the flames occuring on the other side of Ironworks start spreading towards his fragile home, however.  Ashe has a narrow escape, and goes on his way, fighting through the blaze with all he has.
19 19 Disaster Trip, Part I March 18th, 2018 3.90
The episode starts out with Ashe descending stealthily into Endal's base, attacking many of the security cameras and lights placed throughout the building.  He eventually brings forth fire to the building from a match, and continues forward, attempting to find Endal.  The other teddy bears alongside X manage to enter Endal's base too, with the war machine following behind, heavily damaged but still somewhat functioning despite that.  The flames of the city eventually start taking over the base, and start brutally damaging everyone there.  Ashe makes it to Endal's lair finally, but the monkey isn't there.  But he was caught off guard and is captured by Fudgebuckets, who awaits Endal's successful return.  His master doesn't return, however, concerning him, so he ditches Ashe in his ropes and attempts reaching to help Endal.  Ripe eventually runs into the room, where she sees Ashe tied up.  The blue bear points where Fudgebuckets went, and the monkey follows.
20 20 Disaster Trip, Part II March 25th, 2018 4.10
It didn't take long for Bowie and his teammates to scramble up through the security infested tower, and Endal's war machine was starting to reach the point of exploding, the flames still shooting up from behind them.  Eventually, the team reaches a dead end, and the bears have no choice but to fight Endal to have any chance of escaping.  Without hesitating, Windi goes up to the monkey out of rage and attacks his face, once again revealing his endoskeleton interior.  Shocked, the bears scream, with Endal cruelly laughing, ready to finish them off.  The teddy bears start running again, but realize that they're still trapped but not for long when Ripe comes and knocks the ceiling down, bringing forth a burst of flames.  She grabs the teddy bears' hands, and hesitantly takes X with her as well, ending their presence here.  Fudgebuckets catches up and attempts helping his master, but the two start burning up in the flames, and they presumingly die when the area blows up.  A later revisit from Bowie shows both Endal and Fudgebuckets on the floor, endoskeletons exposed, half their skin gone.

Release on DVD

The entire first season was released on DVD four years after the last episode's airing.  Not just featuring the original episodes, it also brings forth commentary, original concepts, and behind the scenes works for Season 2.  The pilot episode, not included in the first season, is also included in the DVD as a bonus.


  • The War Machine introduced in "Sewage Mapping" slightly resembles that of the Heavy Dog from the 2005 video game Shadow the Hedgehog.  .snickedge responded to concerns regarding this with "it was simply a coincidence okay, maybe I was a bit inspired".

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