Location(s) Windmill
HP 120, 40(head)
Attack 10
Defense 0
Moves Body: Jump(10) Head: Chirp(+5 ATK)
Portrait Description A monster resting inside Galloping Gardens' windmill. He eats everything in sight, and planned to make Celia his latest meal. However, Celia bested him and his annoying chirps and was able to get the key to the greenhouse.

Ircket is a miniboss in Through the Rabbit Hole. A beast resting inside the windmill in Galloping Gardens, Ircket holds the Greenhouse Key(in his belly) and Celia must battle him. Ircket can seem tough to newcomers, but he does have a weakness that makes him not too hard if you exploit it. His head is a seperate enemy in the game and defeating it will get rid of his ability to increase his attack by 5 each turn, and makes the attack of the body go down to 5. From there, he's simple. Items and attacks that do damage to all enemies are very useful here. Defeating him causes him to flee and never return.

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