Immortal Requiem is the first game in the Immortal Requiem series of fighting games that was originally supposed to be exclusive to the Lapis Wiki, but will be on Fantendo as well. It is considered a psuedo-replacement for the Megald Warriors series, as the creator will most likely focus more on this series then the other one. 


The main gamemode has gameplay which is similar to the gameplay in Super Smash Bros Brawl, with damage meters instead of health bars. However, moves can be equiped for battle out of a much larger pool of moves, and the combat is in 3D instead of 2D. 

Starting Characters

Image Character Description Franchise
Mariogalaxyjump Mario Mario is pretty much the most popular video game character ever, and he and Sonic go WAAY back. Like, back to the prehistoric ages! OK maybe not that back. He uses fireballs and a clone cherry to fight.   Super Mario Bros
Luigi Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Luigi Mario's younger brother, who'd be a really competent hero if he wasn't so much of a SCAREDY-CAT! He uses Luiginary Works to attack, such as transforming into a black hole or creating a massive ball out of clones of himself.  Super Mario Bros
Hedgehog by itshelias94-d5wl87o Sonic HE'S GOTTA GO FAST, BRAH! Sonic is SEGA's mascot and pretty much the only character that the company seems to care about. He focuses on speed rather then strength for the most part, and can use Wisp attacks as well as Chaos Emeralds to attack.  Sonic the Hedgehog
Lucy IR1 Lucy Heartfilia Lucy is a celestial mage and member of the Fairy Tail Wizard Guild. She uses her Celestial Keys to summons Celestial Spirits to help her fight, such as "The Great Crab" Cancer and "The Golden Bull" Taurus. She also uses a whip.  Fairy Tail
Blackstarru BlackStar An assassin and huge showoff, BlackStar uses his weapon partner, Tsubaki, to transform into a variety of weapons, but his primary weapon is a dual hook blade thingy.  Soul Eater
Immortal Requiem Kamina Kamina Kamina is the former leader and founder of Team Gurren. He uses his sword and mech to fight. He also uses drills. But not just any drills! His drill is a drill that will pierce the heavens!!! Just who the hell do you think he is!?!?!?!? Gurren Lagann
Samus Samus Samus is a world-famous bounty hunter who uses her arm cannon to fight, which shoots lasers, missles, and other deadly things.  Metroid 

Unlockable Characters


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