I Had This Thing is the second episode of I'm Going To Hell For This. It was written by series creator Exotoro.

This episode follows after the pilot. Louie attempts to get to work after waking up late, but Sydney attempts to get too personal with him while he's attempting to get there.


The episode opens with the alarm clock going off and Louie attempting to get up, but immediately goes back to bed despite the alarm going off. A cut to 30 minutes later, where Louie finally knocks down the alarm clock, unplugging it. Louie looks at his watch and realizes he is late.

As he gets ready, he realizes that breakfast was already made for him by Sydney, but he doesn't thank her as he rushes out. He heads to the subway, where he finds Sydney on the subway attempting to seduce him. Running out as soon as possible, he decides to run to his next stop. As he stops to take a breath, Sydney appears again, causing him to run once again.

He decides to take a cab even though he is relatively short on money, believing that the cab will not allow her to teleport in if all the seats are covered. Managing to do this with his suitcase, coat and hat (which the cab driver finds strange), Louie manages to make his to his workplace before the driver suddenly blacks out. Louie manages to get out of the cab just in time before the two cars crash off screen and enters work. He forgets about Sydney until she shows up once again, causing him to grab her by the shoulders and drag her into the men's bathroom, where he tells her to knock it off, with his coworkers believing he has become a maniac. At the end of the episode, one of coworkers gives him a bible.

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