I'm Going To Hell For This is a tv show directed by Exotoro that ran for a 12 episode first season, although renewal is unknown. The series follows a man named Louie, who finds himself in hot water after a succubus becomes enamored with him.

The show is very different from previous Exotoro shows and projects in that it only focuses on two central characters: Louie and Sydney. Additionally it is more down to earth compared to something like Fantendo: The Animated Series, with the only fantastical element being the succubus.

Each episode is structured around a problem that Louie either gets himself into or encounters. The show's universe is limited to just the city and apartment Louie and Sydney live in (although Snake in a Suitcase takes Louie out of town). As a side effect of this, the show feels more smaller and personal.


  • Louie - The main character. A balding white dude, who, despite his best efforts, can't loose weight. Most of the time he's probably messing up something, which is how he and Sydney met. Louie has also recently gone through a divorce.
  • Sydney - A succubus enamored by Louie's failings and how he attempted to sidetrack her well after midnight. Although she considers herself close to Louie, Louie doesn't consider herself close to her (although he admits he does find he somewhat attractive.)


Compared to Exotoro's other works, this is a lot more down to earth, with the only fantastical element being the succubus. Additionally, the episode structure does not revolve much around a plot insomuch as a problem Louie is faced with.

Season 1

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01 1 Pilot Louie meets the succubus after falling down a flight of stairs. She proceeds to follow him everywhere to get a scope of where he lives, so Louie has to misdirect her as much as possible. Will she give up first or will he?
02 2 I Had This Thing Louie attempts to get to work, but he wakes up late and to make matters worse, Sydney's trying to get way too personal with him. With a couple minutes on the clock left, Louie will get to work even if he dies trying.
03 3 Coup de Grace Louie attempts to spend a Saturday to unwind, but he discovers that someone has stolen his door handle and he has to get it replaced. Meanwhile, Sydney looks for the door handle thief.
04 4 Silver Cruiser Louie buys a new car and promptly wrecks it. While talking with business man who sold him it, he gets bugged by something in the business man's teeth.
05 5 Snake in the Suitcase Louie accidentally brings one of Sydney's snakes with him on a out of town business trip. Even though Louie is afraid of snakes, he finds that inexplicably lucky things happen to him when he has the snake.
06 6 Fired Louie gets fired from his job and it's mostly Sydney's fault.
07 7 The Sordid Affair Louie attempts to get a date with a cash register at the grocery store, and this makes Sydney angry.
08 8 NaNoWriMo Louie attempts to write a novel in a month, and Sydney follows suit. After struggling to write the book and then clunking out 15,000 words in one night, Louie (and Sydney) attempt to get their novels published. Louie finds that publishers are far more intrested in Sydney's erotic thriller. The end of the episode closes with him reading it.
09 9 The Kid Louie has to watch over his kid, who still resents him for divorcing his mom.
10 10 The Wind-Down Louie feels completely out of it as 2014 rolls to a end, stubbing his toe, spilling everything he touches, and misses a job interview. Sydney attempts to cheer him up, but she's just as clumsy as Louie. The episode ends as Louie wakes up from the couch and sees a wrapped box.
11 11 New Year The New Year comes, and Louie and Sydney attempt to complete their new year goals.
12 12 Miss You Sydney decides to finally move on, but Louie begins to realize that she's had a positive impact on his life and decides to go look for her in a way that mirrors the pilot. Louie finally catches up with Sydney and confesses, with the two finally accepting each other as lovers.

Season 2

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13 1 Airport Sydney announces that she's got tickets for Louie and her to go to Miami for a vacation in the summer. When Louie makes a bomb joke, they end up having to stay in the airport and miss their flight, forcing them to sleep in the airport.
14 2 Bridge Louie gets some groceries but gets mugged on his way there. While chasing the mugger, Louie stops when he sees a girl about to jump off a bridge and talks to her about life. The mugger is caught by the police and Louie gets the wallet back, but the grocery store is closed. Louie just goes home hungry.
15 3 Beach End of the Miami saga. Louie nearly drowns when swimming, and learns to hate the beach after his book gets soaked. Sydney in the mean time, seems to be having a great time. In the end, Louie lands in his bed exhausted before screaming from the pain of the sun burns.
16 4 Ricky Louie meets up with a old friend named Ricky, who he learns is in debt. Later, Ricky holds Louie at gunpoint and steals from him. Louie and Sydney chase after him, which causes Ricky to wreck into a tree and die. As Louie listens to Ricky's last words which are bitter hatred towards Louie, Ricky finishes this life by flipping him off. Louie and Sydney grab the money from the car and decide to leave, although Louie stares out the window as they ride home.
17 5 Old Dude When Sydney breaks her leg, Louie goes to visit her in the hospital and meets a old guy that he begins to bond with. He then begins to notice that the old man's watch is counting down to something, and attempts to learn what it is. He doesn't find out until it ticks to 0, where he fades away, smiling.
18 6 Model Student Louie gets a visit from an old friend at school who became a model named Lani. It proceeds to go into a flashback of Louie's school days, where he met Lani and how they became friends, which was breaking into the announcer's box of the football stadium of the school. Lani allows Louie to watch her pee (which is off camera) and tells all sorts of fucked up stories about her being raped by her dad. One day she brings in a gun and attempts to commit suicide in front of Louie, in which he breaks down crying and she puts the gun down. Louie never hears from Lani until now, in which she explains that she ran away from home and lived on her own until she was 18, in which she worked her way up to get where she is now. She then leaves Louie with a football.
19 7 Omphaloskepsis Louie doesn't feel like doing anything because he feels bummed out. He finds that he's really good at crossword puzzles but slowly looses focus about everything around him, even more so than before. When he accidentally falls on the subway tracks, he needs to get out and fast. Following the trail of ants, he finds something to climb off and just narrowly misses being flattened by the subway. He then decides to stop being so lazy, but as he does this he gets hit by the subway door.
20 8 Marny and Morty Louie goes to the gas station, with the episode changing perspective to a balding man named Morty and his niece Marny. Morty is slightly intoxicated and doesn't get along with Marny, because her mother and him have unresolved conflicts of their own. Morty is attempting to smuggle a bunch of illegal substance over the border between two states but got tacked on with Marny as a babysitting gig. As Morty vents his frustrations onto Marny, Marny finally vents back, telling him what a sad sack he is and that he will always remain that way if he continues to go down the path he's going. Morty comes to a epiphany and dumps the illegal substances into the trash and calls up Marny's mother to apologize. Louie comes back out from the gas station with a bunch of junk food, noticing all the illegal substances in the trash can and wondering who would dump it like that.
21 9 Fire The apartment across Louie's street goes up in flames.
22 10 Junk Data Dreams Louie has nightmares.
23 11 A Night on Conan's Louie thinks he's on Conan, but in actuality it's just him tripping out.
24 12 Empire Ant Louie attempts to commit suicide while laying down ant poison.