Like many other large-scale fighting games, Horizon Zero has an official tier list created by the community who plays the game. The tier list ranks the characters from greatest to worst in gameplay style. Please note that the tier list does not include the character Sheddane, who is extremely flexible for a character and can be customized in so many ways that it is impossible to rank her, especially considering she has no default set.

Additionally, remember that every character in this game is actually great, just some characters are better than others.  Satan, Lip, Eustace, Amethyst, and Bart, who sit on the bottom of the roster, are actually still really good characters.  Further more, one can upgrade their characters to make them better.

Horizon Zero Tier List [1.0]
SS HZ Icon InuyashaHZ Icon SanjiHZ Icon Mr. CrockerHZ DLC NoeliaHZ Icon Krookodile
S HZ Icon OsheliaHZ Icon Numbah 3HZ Icon SamusHZ Icon CiaHZ Icon Pepsi ManHZ Icon ElizabethHZ DLC ThanatosHZ Icon Captain FalconHZ Icon Harry PotterHZ Icon Super Sonico
A HZ Icon OrochiHZ DLC Sr.WarioHZ DLC Grim ReaperHZ Icon Icelandic BatmanHZ Icon ShadowHZ Icon Captain CrunchHZ Icon DeadpoolHZ Icon MettatonHZ Icon PhosphoraHZ Icon WolfHZ Icon Super Macho Man
B HZ Icon VoltHZ Icon Headless HorsemanHZ Icon Snoop DoggHZ Icon IkeHZ Icon ElectivireHZ Icon Adil & LanceHZ Icon Ridley-XHZ Icon Chun-LiHZ Icon CrowHZ Icon BlazeHZ Icon MalloryHZ Icon ROBHZ Icon Metal MarioHZ Icon Valentine
C HZ Icon CorrinaHZ Icon QbbyHZ DLC Mr. Game & WatchHZ Icon RinkahHZ Icon Phoenix WrightHZ Icon King ArthurHZ Icon TonyHZ Icon MaiHZ Icon BowserHZ DLC WaluigiHZ Icon EgoraptorHZ Icon Shantae
D HZ Icon Agent 9HZ Icon Frito BanditoHZ Icon BayonettaHZ Icon SpyHZ Icon PoisonHZ Icon Oogie BoogieHZ DLC HeneHZ Icon Guinea PigHZ Icon Mr. KrabsHZ Icon WarioHZ Icon SinistarHZ Icon Mee MeeHZ Icon The EchenoHZ Icon DoofenshmirtzHZ Icon Genie
E HZ Icon GiegueHZ Icon MorshuHZ Icon LucinaHZ Icon MarcelineHZ Icon GanondorfHZ Icon Galaxy ManHZ Icon Michael JacksonHZ Icon Ozzy OsbourneHZ Icon Miss SpiderHZ Icon Chaos 0
F HZ Icon Bugs BunnyHZ Icon Master ChiefHZ Icon VioletHZ Icon ReggieHZ Icon CloudHZ Icon GokuHZ Icon Robot ChickenHZ Icon The MangleHZ Icon GarfieldHZ Icon Zone-TanHZ Icon FenderHZ Icon ShaggyHZ Icon Meta Knight
G HZ Icon DannyHZ Icon Wii Fit TrainerHZ Icon RickHZ Icon PalutenaHZ DLC MidbusHZ Icon Nintendo 3DS XLHZ Icon ZimHZ Icon NigelHZ Icon Starfire
H HZ Icon SatanHZ Icon LipHZ Icon EustaceHZ Icon AmethystHZ Icon Bart

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