Holding On is a short story that shows Ambrosia a little bit before her change to supervillain-y, or something like that.

Chapter 1: Never Look Back

Ambrosia ran in a full-out sprint as the screams of people behind her struck through the air. She looked to the man beside him as the beast behind him rammed into the mans back, letting out a garbled screech. The beasts had been dwelling in the dungeons for years, and they had returned to the surface once more. People called them The Harbringers, and they would kill you by dismemberment.

Ambrosia's family had died years ago by other causes, and she lived alone for a very long time. Now she was forced to run away and never look back, leaving everything she owned except her digi-claws.

Ambrosia: Shit!

Ambrosia curved to the left as a beast dove at her, causing her to nearly fall, she looked forward to see a Harbringer forcefully ripping the head off of someone's body. She held in the urge to vomit and kept running, as her breath began to get shaky and her knees felt like they would snap at any moment.

She ran into the forest, tree branches wipping at her face. She felt blood stream down her forehead, but she ran as long as she could, they were right behind her. She couldn't stop, even when she found herself flying off the edge of the hill. She screamed as she flew through the air, landing onto the ground with a thump as she tumbled down into a pile of leaves.

Ambrosia: No..

Ambrosia lost consciousness, everything fading away..

???: Well, hello!

Ambrosia looked up to see a girl, but as her vision fully regenerated she noticed that this was no regular girl, this was surely a robot.

Ambrosia: Who are you?

???: I'm a Reploid! I'm pretty much an advanced robot.

Ambrosia: I mean your name.

???: Oh! I'm HELEN, in all capitals, but just call me Helen.

Ambrosia: I don't see the difference but whatever..

Helen extends her hand out, and Ambrosia grabs it, pulling her up. Helen begins to walk through the forest as Ambrosia slowly follows

Helen: C'mon! We gotta get to shelter before The Harbringers get here!

Helen giggles and sprints through the forest, Ambrosia running after her

Ambrosia: Wait up! 

Chapter 2: Prosthetic Heart

Ambrosia and Helen walk into a house, and Ambrosia stops as she looks over to the girl sitting on the couch.

???: I see you've brought a friend here, Helen.

Helen: Oh! Yeah, Ambrosia, meet Melissa Dust, Melissa Dust, meet Ambrosia.

Melissa: Just call me Melissa

Ambrosia: Hello, Melissa

They both shake hands and smirk, as they all sit down. Melissa offers Ambrosia coffee and she kindly denies. 

Melissa: We've just been chilling her for a few years, as Helen is a bit of an outlaw.

Helen: Runaway robo.

The two snicker as Ambrosia nods, smiling. Ambrosia ponders as she silently looks at Helen, she snaps back to reality when Helen says something.

Helen: You okay, Ambro?

Ambrosia: Oh! Uh.. yeah!

Helen gets up and looks out the door, remembering something.

Helen: Oh! I gotta go outside.

Helen walks out the door, skipping off into the forest. Melissa leans close to Ambrosia

Melissa: Hey, Ambro, I know we just met you, but can I ask you a.. somewhat crazy favor. Helen has been building a.. spaceship for years now, and I promised her that I was gonna come with her, b-but I can't, I don't know if my husband's out here, but I dont want him to come back to an empty house. I need someone to go with her.. could you?

Ambrosia: I don't know.. I've never left this planet before and...

Melissa: Just consider it, okay?

Melissa seems to say it somewhat rudely, as she slowly stands up and walks into the kitchen. Ambrosia sighs, her thoughts fighting with eachother. She stands up and walks over to Helen, tapping her shoulder.

Ambrosia: Hey.. since Melissa can't go with you to.. uhm.. space, I'm gonna go with you.

Helen stares at her blankly.

Helen: Thank you!

Helen runs over and hugs Ambrosia, as Ambrosia akwardly pats Helen's back.

Ambrosia: You're welcome.

Chapter 3: To The Moon

After about a month of non-stop work, Helen and Ambrosia had finished the ship, and were expected to fly out tomorrow.

Ambrosia: I can't believe I'm going off planet, it's like a dream come true.

Ambrosia, Helen, and Melissa are sitting and talking, getting ready to say their goodbyes.

Melissa: I'd just like to say I hope our paths cross in the future, so I say this in hope, see you later.

Helen: Melissa, I'd like to just say thanks, for everything.

Helen and Melissa embrace as Helen nods, grabbing her backpack.

Helen: Ambrosia, let's go get everything ready.

The two walk out, as Melissa sighs, staring out the window as her eyes widen, she watches as a massive ship closes in, coming closer to the house.

Melissa: Shit! Shit!

Melissa rushes out, screaming for Helen, she begins to hyperventilate as Helen comes out.

Melissa: Start up the damn ship, you need to go now!

Helen: But-

Melissa: Go!

Melissa slams the door shut, watching as the door explodes open, with Mega Man copies flooding in, they all put up their blaster and aim at Melissa

Copy Robot: Melissa Dust, you are under arrest for hiding a fugitive.

Melissa: You'll never take me alive!

Melissa's hand forms into a gun as she blasts some Copy Robots down, screaming in pain as a few pellets slam into her, causing her to stumble back. More Copy Robots flood into the room as Melissa is slowly overpowered, as blood pools down her legs and arms.

Melissa: HELEN! GO!

Melissa lets out one more scream as a pellet slams into her chest, blood dripping from her chest, she falls to her knees and collapses, unconcious.

Ambrosia flicks on a switch as Copy Robots tear through the house, and the engine turns on, steam rumbling from below.

Ambrosia: C'mon you damn spaceship!

Copy Robots fly out out the door as the spaceship takes off, bullets slamming against the spaceship as it flies away. The Copy Robots look up, and then report back to base

Copy Robot: Salindra, 'mam, the fugitive has been transported out of planet in some spaceship.

Salindra: Follow them, and don't stop until both of them have been caught and returned to me.

Chapter 4: Confessions

Chapter 5: Salindra

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