Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi: Remix is a reboot of Cartoon Network's 2000s TV series, Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. It is currently under production by Lone Planet. Unlike the original, this reboot relies on a continuing plot line and some character development, similar to Icy Cold Toons's Robot Jones 2.0.


  • Ami Onuki: She is an optimistic girl who puts others first. After the divorce of her parents, her mother marries Yumi's father. This is when her positive nature begins to shatter, but she tries to stay happy throughout her life. She starts the Puffy AmiYumi band with Yumi after she realizes that she needs desperate social help.
  • Yumi Yoshimura: When she was young, her mother died of hypothermia after saving her from an avalanche. These days, she is a sarcastic teen with a negative outlook on life, and performs with her good friend Takanori Nishikawa in their heavy metal band, "Mother Nature's Wrath". But when her father marries Ami's mother, Yumi finds a sort of light in Ami's personality that just might help her out.
  • Kiki Onuki-Yoshimura: The six-year-old daughter of Ami's mother and Yumi's father. Kiki wants to join Puffy AmiYumi more than anything, but they won't accept her because they think she's "not ready for rock-and-roll". Thus, she makes drastic attempts to prove her worth.
  • Beki Yoshimura: Formerly Beki Onuki, she married Ronu Yoshimura to introduce her daughter Ami to "the dark side of life", although rather reluctantly.
  • Ronu Yoshimura: Yumi's father and the current husband of Beki. Not only does he care about his wife, he also wants Yumi to understand that she doesn't have to be so gloomy and pessimistic.
  • Kazuo "Kaz" Harada: After the Puffy AmiYumi band is formed, Kaz offers to guide them throughout their career, having worked with several... not-very-good bands. He is annoying and a bit greedy, but adores Ami, Yumi, and their family, even to the point of calling himself "Uncle Kaz".
  • Takanori "Taka" Nishikawa: Yumi's best friend and advisor. He seeks to understand why the world is so heartless, and appears to have a crush on Yumi.
  • Michi "Harmony" Tanaka: A seven-year-old girl who begins to show obsession with Puffy AmiYumi in the first season. Her desperation to make them do what she wants can lead her to go insane.
  • Julie Hinikawa: Yumi's archenemy and a former member of Mother Nature's Wrath. She wasn't exactly loved as a little girl, so she wants to exact revenge on the world for betraying her. But with Yumi's new friend Ami standing in her way, she must find her weakness and use it against her.
  • Christian Thompson: A foreign exchange student from America. In a new nation where he doesn't fit in, he must rely on Ami, Yumi, and Tak to guide him.
  • Maki Nakamura: A peculiar young man with strange intentions. Maki wins the friendship of Puffy AmiYumi, but Kiki doesn't trust him.
  • Tonix: A mysterious god of sound who has been reduced to a mere myth. He knows that one day, he will earn the chance to strike back on the "non-believers".


NOTE: Grey names in the cast column indicate crossover characters.

Season 1

This season takes place before the events of Cartoon Network: Legacy

Name Episode # Description Cast
Ami & Yumi 1 The pilot episode, taking place seven years before the main series. Ami and her mother move in with Yumi and her father. Yumi is skeptical of Ami at first, but begins to understand that she may be able to help her with her social problems. Ami, Yumi, Beki, Ronu
Rockstars Assemble! 2 Beki, Ronu, and Kaz arrange a meeting with the newly formed Puffy AmiYumi band, and the girls argue over what their first song should be about. Ami, Yumi, Beki, Ronu, Kaz
Miyamoto High School 3 Ami goes to Yumi's school for the first time. There, she begins to show signs of nervousness... until she meets Yumi's best friend, Tak. Ami, Yumi, Tak
The Odd Girl Out 4 Kiki wants to join Puffy AmiYumi, so she tries very hard to impress them, with poor results. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Kaz
The Obsession 5 After Puffy AmiYumi's popularity boosts, Ami and Yumi have to avoid their newest and biggest fan... an obsessive, insane little girl known as Harmony. Ami, Yumi, Beki, Ronu, Kaz, Harmony
They Call Me Julie 6 Julie Hinikawa, a former member of Yumi and Tak's band, arrives at the Yoshimura residence and pretends to befriend Ami. In actuality, she is searching for her greatest weakness. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Beki, Ronu, Taka, Julie
Merry Christian 7 Christian Thompson, a foreign exchange student from the United States, moves in with Ami and Yumi just in time for the holiday season. He feels lonely in Japan, but Ami tries to teach him what it truly means to fit in. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Beki, Ronu, Christian
Hi Hi PowerPuffy Girls 8 Kiki is kidnapped by Sedusa, so Ami and Yumi must team up with the Powerpuff Girls to save her. This is the first crossover episode of the series. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Blossom, Bubbles, Buttercup, Professor Utonium, Sedusa
Where We Lay Our Scene 9 Tak is tired of hiding his feelings for Yumi, so he does his best to impress her. But is it really too much to just tell her directly? Yumi, Taka, Christian
¡Ay, Caramba! 10 On a tour to Mexico City, Ami and Yumi decide to explore the downtown area, and soon come across a mysterious cult seeking to open a portal to another dimension. Ami, Yumi, Kaz, Chief Gonzales, Los Muertos Rojos
Liarbusters 11 When Ami, Yumi, Tak, and Christian make friends with Maki, a new student at Miyamoto High, Kiki believes he is only there for evil purposes. She tries to prove that he is working against them whenever she can. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Taka, Christian, Maki
The Green-Eyed Monster 12 Julie "accidentally" releases a monster that has been locked away for years. Ronu reveals that he is a government agent, and tries to help Puffy AmiYumi capture the beast. Ami, Yumi, Ronu, Kaz, Julie
Hippity Hop 13 The band meets up with some beatboxing thugs in New York. At first they try to ignore them, but they soon realize that Harmony and her father have a connection to these thugs. Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Kaz, Taka, Christian
Feline Frenzy 14 Beki finds homeless cats downtown, and gives them to Ami and Yumi. But it turns out that Ronu may be allergic to cats! And if he is, what will happen to the family's new pets? Ami, Yumi, Kiki, Beki, Ronu, Jang Keng, Tekirai
Garbage Disposal 15 In the half-hour first season finale, Miyamoto High is going up against its rival, Sakurai Prep, in the annual Iwata District Championship. However, Julie is working on a scheme to get rid of Puffy AmiYumi once and for all. Ami, Yumi, Kaz, Ronu, Beki, Kiki, Taka, Christian, Maki, Julie


  • Miyamoto High School is named after Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of the Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, and Star Fox games.
  • Christian got his name from one of the director's friends in high school.

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