We're people too. Subspecies of humans should be treated like humans...why can't everyone treat each other like equals?
Ghasja, opening
Developer(s) TimeStrike
Publisher(s) TimeStrike
Genre(s) 3D Platformer
Release Date(s)
Late 2018
Age Rating(s)
12 (PEGI)
Media Included V² optical disc

Heztics is a 3D platformer/shooting game starring Ghasja, being inspired by Portal and Metroid Prime, being developed by TimeStrike for the V² system.  It chronologically follows Sweet Invader and precedes General's War, and explains Ghasja's roots and how they escaped from their home to explore the universe. It has been rated "T" and "12" (by the ESRB and PEGI respectively) for blood, slight sexual references, and dark themes.



Ghasja is the main protagonist of Heztics, and is the sole playable character.  Ghasja is a conflicted being that doesn't know the difference between good and bad, nor justice and injustice, and he's setting out to try and find that difference.  He is followed by his good friend, Revensko, who travels the stars with him.


Revensko is Ghasja's best friend, and a really helpful person that tries to help Ghasja seek what he's looking for and ways to get the Heztic species out into the rest of the universe to explore.  She seeks true beauty and awesome companions, but at the same time, she likes to keep to herself.



  • Heztics is a reboot of the old Ghasja's Quest project from Fantendo.
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