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Mega Man symbol hex Equipment Icon Brawn Badge

Vile is a playable fighter in HexaZure.


Vile is a former Maverick Hunter.


In this game he seems to be a hard-hitter with decent defense and under-average speed and jump. Vile has an arsenal of weapons, but his most infamous is his Shoulder Cannon, which he can fire even during other attacks.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Hand Bash Vile groups his hands together and smashes them down.
Side Purple Cherry Blast Fires a continuous line of orange pellets for a few seconds.
Up Purple Unwind Vile will uppercut, throwing himself upward.
Down Purple Serve Vile will quickly grab the attacker and slam his fist down onto them
Neutral Green Golden Right Vile punches forward with tremendous strength, but takes time to recharge from the attack.
Side Green Deadstar Hug Vile throws an explosive Deadstar Hug up and bats it forward with his hand.
Up Green Dragon's Wrath Vile pulls out Dragon's Wrath and uses it to fly upward, leaving a trail of green flames under him.
Down Green Speed Devil Vile's armor is coated with a green hue for a few seconds, boosting his speed. Has a cooldown.
Neutral Red Rumbling Bang A napalm fires from Vile's legs, exploding into flames.
Side Red Metal Crescent Vile throws a cutter that flies forward and boomerangs back.
Up Red Lost Lamb Vile throws up a missile that activates and flies directly horizontally, exploding on contact.
Down Red Hot Icicle Vile places a sticky bomb on the ground that shoots out a ray of energy after a few seconds. Dissapears once used.
Special Technique Shoulder Cannon Vile is able to fire from his shoulder cannon regardless if he is in an attack or not. Has a cooldown.
Grab N/A Vile grabs the enemy as his shoulder cannon shoots at them once.
Counter N/A Vile covers both of his hands infront of his face, blocking.
Azure Burst Infinity Gig Vile nods as he fires Infinity Gig, a rocket hand, the hand grows larger as it flies across the screen, dealing large damage to anyone in contact with it.

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