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Vanilla is a playable fighter in HexaZure. She hails from the Nekopara series.


Vanilla is a catgirl, a mixture of a human and a cat. She has a twin sister, Chocola. Obviously, she is based off of vanilla ice cream. Her personality is quiet and shy.


Vanilla has multiple defensive moves that can keep opponents away from her. She can hide under boxes, or use her cat bell to repel enemies. Her attacks may be weak, but they are good at keeping opponents away. She's able to camp and avoid taking damage.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Cat Tail Sweep Dropping her tail, Vanilla sweeps around, hitting low.
Side Purple Longest Tail Hit Vanilla whips her tail. It reaches its maximum length.
Up Purple Tail Above Vanilla swipes her tail widely above her.
Down Purple Cat Toy Vanilla holds up a cat toy and paws it five times, hitting with each paw.
Neutral Green Tail Smash Vanilla charges up her tail, and smashes it down as soon as the input is released.
Side Green Quick Hand Vanilla quickly shoots forward her hand.
Up Green Neko Hop Vanilla hops forward, then hops backward right afterwards. Her legs will briefly cause damage right after each hop.
Down Green Dress Vanilla's dress expands as she thrusts with it.
Neutral Red Cat Bell Vanilla rings her Cat Bell, creating a damaging wave that pushes opponents.
Side Red Tail Grab Vanilla grabs an opponent, and pressing buttons will cause them to take damage. They are in the grab for a second.
Up Red Kick Spin Vanilla kicks, spins around three times while kicking, then does a final kick behind her.
Down Red Cake Vanilla throws a small and quick piece of cake with great range. It can easily be spammed, and many can be out at once.
Special Technique Cardboard Box Vanilla hides inside a cardboard box, able to move around slowly. The box will block most attacks, yet strong attacks will knock it off. She drains Azure Meter, depending on how long she is in the cardboard box.
Grab N/A Vanilla uses her hand to grab the opponent, then knees them and knocks them down.
Counter N/A Vanilla does a tail smack.
Azure Burst Fever Vanilla projects a large field around herself. Being inside the field makes you gradually take damage.

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