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Sol Badguy

Sol Badguy

guilty gear Equipment Icon Brawn Badge

Sol Badguy is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Guilty Gear series.


Sol is a bounty hunter with a dark, mysterious past. Weilding his modified weapon, Junkyard Dog Mk3, Sol travels across the land, searching for and taking out any Gears- bioweapons that plunged the world into an ear of war, known as the Crusades- he finds. Ultimately, He desires to enact revenge on the mysterious figure known only as "That Man".

Sol is also known to have a rivalry with Ky Kiske.


Sol, despite having well rounded attributes, is very much a rushdown character. His Roman Cancel allows him to make extensive combos.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Junkyard Jab Sol lightly jabs with the end of his sword.
Side Purple Long Slash

Sol slashes across, covering a decent range.

Up Purple Overhead Swing Sol swings his blade above himself.
Down Purple Close Slash Sol slashes around himself.
Neutral Green Heavy Slash Sol swings his blade across his body. Has decent coverage.
Side Green High Kick Sol kicks, reaching a nice height, allowing him to catch airborne opponents.
Up Green Dust Upper Sol swings his fist upwards, launching the opponent into the air. Sol can jump out of the end of this move as long as it hits.
Down Green Sweep Sol sweeps with his legs
Neutral Red Gun Flame Sol blasts four fire bursts across the ground in a row.
Side Red Fafnir A powerful, fiery forward strike.
Up Red Volcanic Viper Sol uppercuts, propelled by flames from the end of his blade.
Down Red Kudakero Sol jumps into the air, then divekicks with a fire effect.
Special Technique Roman Cancel Sol can instantly cancel the animations of most moves, regardless off whether or not the hit, allowing him to create large combos and mixups. This, however, will cost some of the Azure Meter.
Grab N/A Sol grabs the opponent, then slams them into the ground.
Counter N/A Sol slugs the opponent in the gut.
Azure Burst Dragon Install Sol powers up, altering his appearance to be sort of demonic or draconic. In this state, Sol becomes quicker, and many of his moves are boosted in some way.

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