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Slowbro is a playable fighter in HexaZure.


Slowbro is a pokemon that has been around ever since the first game.


Slowbro is a pretty slow dude, though his attacks are tremendously strong, somehow. Slowbro isn't very mobile but makes up for it in damage and defense. Slowbro is also capable of some psychic moves, so watch out as Slowbro lazily approaches over the horizon at a very slow speed!


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Tackle Slowbro slowly throws himself forward, tackling forward.
Side Purple Headbutt Slowbro throws its head forward.
Up Purple Tail Spin Slowbro will spin on its tail, lifting up momentarily
Down Purple Burrow Slowbro will slam his tail into the ground, wedging it for a minute.
Neutral Green Golden Right Vile punches forward with tremendous strength, but takes time to recharge from the attack.
Side Green Water Gun Slowbro squirts water out of his mouth, damaging and propelling opponents away.
Up Green Shell Throw Slowbro will throw the Shellder directly up, if it lands on anyone it will momentarily leech health. 
Down Green Psyshock Sends out psychic lightning that shocks lower to the ground.
Neutral Red Gold Leaf Slowbro pulls a Gold Leaf out, boosting his strength momentarily
Side Red King's Rock Slowbro picks up a King's Rock that can be thrown for damage.
Up Red Slowking The Shellder moves onto Slowbro's head, transforming him into Slowking for awhile, making him faster but weaker. Has a cooldown.
Down Red Amnesia Confuses anyone near enough, has a very long cooldown.
Special Technique Shellder Shellder will be able to bite Slowbro, giving Slowbro a quick speed boost.
Grab N/A Slowbro grabs the enemy and brings his tail up, whacking the enemy.
Counter N/A Slowbro jabs at the enemy
Azure Burst Mega Slowbro Slowbro transforms into Mega Slowbro, making him spin around and become extremely fast and bulky.

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