This page describes Sheriff Blubs as he appears in HexaZure. If you want Blubs' main page, click here.

Sheriff Blubs


Gravity Falls Icon Equipment Icon Protection Badge

Sheriff Blubs is a playable fighter in HexaZure.


The sheriff of a strange town named 'Gravity Falls'.


Sheriff Blubs, while he might seem like a joke character, has good all-around defense and attack, and speed that's a little bit under-average. He can also be seen as overpowered, as a few of his attacks stun players for awhile. Watch out, though, it seems like he has an infinite amount of coffee!


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Baton Whack Blubs will whack forward with the baton.
Side Purple Tazer Ball Blubs will shoot little balls of electricity out of the taser.
Up Purple Fire Hydrant A fire hydrant bursts from the ground, throwing Blubs up, the hydrant falls and explodes.
Down Purple Floor Sweep

Blubs will swipe lower with his baton.

Neutral Green Speed Radar Meter Blubs will hold up a Speed Radar Meter, and if it is aimed at someone going fast enough, it will shoot a quick laser shot at them.
Side Green Batonerang Blubs throws his baton and it comes flying back.
Up Green Baton, Away! Blubs spins around with his baton and begins to fly upwards, saying "Baton, away!"
Down Green Security Lasers Blubs will shock the ground, leaving an area that shocks whoever steps on it.
Neutral Red Pancakes Throws pancakes up, heals anyone who grabs it.
Side Red Charged Tazer Blubs charges his tazer and fires a big ball of electricity
Up Red Electro-Baton

Blubs throws an electrical baton.

Down Red Baton Ground Blubs slams his baton against the ground.
Special Technique Choco Latte Blubs will be able to spawn coffee that he can either drink or throw at enemies.
Grab N/A Blubs will grab the enemy and whack them in the forehead with a baton
Counter N/A Blubs jabs with the taser
Azure Burst Mad With Power and Love Deputy Dirland and Sheriff Blubs line up at the opposite side, shooting a line of electricity forward. The electricity builds up into a massive ball, aswell as shooting out tiny little balls. It ends with one big explosion as Deputy Dirland goes flying into the background.

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