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Shark Kastle

Yu-Gi-Oh! symbol Equipment Icon Brawn Badge

Shark is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Yu-Gi-Oh! series.


Shark, real name Reginald Kastle, is a good Duelist. He isn't scared of anything, yet the fierce sharks he Summons can inflict terror. He is the reincarnation of Nash, the leader of the Seven Barian Emperors. Yuma Tsukumo is his rival and friend. He also has a twin sister, Rio.


Shark can Summon various sharks to fight for him. These sharks have lots of power and reach, and can block attacks. However, Shark has extremely slow speed. Some of his moves, like Mystical Space Typhoon and Black Ray Lancer, also focus on negating other moves for the cost of Azure Meter.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Shark Stickers Shark Stickers hops down in front of Shark, hitting with spikes on his head.
Side Purple Shocktopus

Shocktopus appears, producing electricity from its lengthy shocker. This will drain Azure Meter.

Up Purple Fish Spawn Two Fish Tokens jump up, hitting above Shark.
Down Purple Silent Wobby Silent Wobby bites down at Shark's feet.
Neutral Green Mystical Space Typhoon Shark creates a rift in front of himself for some Azure Meter. It hits three times, and can negate special techniques of opponents it hits for a few seconds.
Side Green Shark Caesar Shark Caesar appears behind Shark. He then leaps in front of Shark for a wide bite.
Up Green Aqua Jet Shark rides a water jetpack slightly upwards, hitting with the left wing.
Down Green Tidal Advantage Shark creates a water tornado.
Neutral Red Double Shark For some Azure Meter, Double Shark appears, biting. A copy of Double Shark then appears in front of the original, also biting.
Side Red Big Jaws For some Azure Meter, Big Jaws does a slow, yet wide and extremely powerful bite.
Up Red Break Stream A current of water surges diagonally across Shark.
Down Red Shield Fin For Azure Meter, Shark gets a temporary shark fin that acts like a shield. It blocks attacks, and special techniques can't be used by opponents when it's out.
Special Technique Black Ray Lancer For some Azure Meter, Black Ray Lancer shoots a laser diagonally down. Whoever it hits will briefly have their special technique negated.
Grab N/A Sharkraken grabs with two tentacles, and swings four of the remaining six to attack.
Counter N/A Shark launches a sea wave to crash down.
Azure Burst Chaos Hundred Universe Seven "Number C10X" monsters appear around Shark and each do a single hit.

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