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Robobot Kirby


SSB Kirby Series Equipment Icon Protection Badge

Robobot Kirby is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Kirby series.


Kirby is the hero of Dream Land, a quiet and peaceful area on the planet Pop Star. This incarnation of Kirby rides a giant stylized mech in the likeness of the pink puffball. The robot is known as the Robobot Armor, and is stolen from the Haltmann Works Company.

As the new pilot of the amor, Kirby sets out to stop the Haltmann Works Company from invading Pop Star and completely mechanizing it. The Robobot Armor is his ultimate weapon, being able to copy different abilities and change its performance through "Modes".


Robobot Kirby is rather powerful, doing decent damage even with purple move. In addition, the defenses of the armor are above average. The Robobot Armor can actually withstand certain lighter attacks without flinching when using attacks. However, Robobot Kirby's greatest weakness is his lack of mobility. His walking and running speeds are slow, his jump is subpar, and he requires around a second to charge up most of his attacks.

Another feature to keep in mind with the Robobot Armor is its battery level. When the armor starts to flash, its defenses will begin to drop, making it easier for opponents to attack. Robobot Kirby must keep opponents at bay with its powerful manuevers while keeping its battery level at check in order to prevent being at a disadvantage. 


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Iron Punch Robobot Kirby punches forward.
Side Purple Robo Drive

Robobot Kirby brings his hand up before slamming it down.

Up Purple Metal Fist Robobot Kirby slams its fists together upwards.
Down Purple Screw Spin Robobot Kirby extends its arms as it spins around.
Neutral Green Spark Mode Robobot Kirby punches forward with a coiled fist, adding extra range through limited projectiles.
Side Green Beam Mode Robobot Kirby fires a bouncing orb of beam energy in front of him.
Up Green Armor Uppercut Robobot Kirby jumps up to perform a multi-hit uppercut.
Down Green Sword Mode Robobot Kirby pulls out twin blades as he dives downward.
Neutral Red Cutter Mode Holding the command allows for Robobot Kirby to charge a sawblade, which he can move around with. Let go to fire the blade in front of Robobot Kirby.
Side Red Heavy Carry Robobot Kirby picks up an oppponent and locks them into a command grab; he can move around for a short while before throwing them in a certain direction.
Up Red Parasol Mode Robobot Kirby's arm plates transform into parasols as they lift the suit upward slightly for an aerial attack.
Down Red Fire Mode Robobot Kirby points the arms of the Robobot Armor downward as pillars of flame appear.
Special Technique Battery Recharge Robobot Kirby begins to settle as he charges his battery. Battery determines the strength of Robobot Kirby's defenses. If Robobot Kirby's battery is full, it will slightly increase all of Robobot Kirby's stat at the cost of a large chunk of the Azure Meter.
Grab Scanner Robobot Kirby stuns the opponent with its scanner before punching them away.
Counter Stone Mode Robobot Kirby smashes the opponent with stone-plated fists.
Azure Burst Jet Mode Robobot Kirby's armor transforms into a jet as it flies off before crashing into the foe alongside a series of missiles.

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