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Time Nomad

Middens Equipment Icon Brawn Badge

Nomad is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Middens series.


The Nomad, also referred to as the Time Nomad, is a male of dubious origin and species. After the downfall of his culture and society, he finds himself in the Rift, a timeless abyss filled with beings like him. He quickly runs into and partners with a sentient revolver known as Genie, who convinces him that the Rift is in disrepair and that the only solution is to kill off some of the denizens.


In HexaZure, the Nomad plays similarly to Super Smash Bros. character Marth in that he focuses on precise strikes with high range and a sweetspot that deals higher damage. The primary difference with the Nomad is that as opposed to wielding a sword, he uses Genie the revolver, effectively making all of his attacks long-ranged.

In terms of stats, the Nomad acts as a sort of tank; he doesn't move all that quickly, but has high defense and attacks that truly pack a wallop. His jump is above-average for a heavyweight, but his recovery remains mediocre as most characters in the weight class have.

Aside from basic "melee" attacks with the revolver, the Nomad also has special attacks involving his three Proxies, Lam, Yam, and Om. These can be summoned with his Green Attacks, and his Red Attacks allow the Proxies to use their special abilities. However, Proxies do drain the Nomad's health very slowly over time, so there is an advantage to having them off.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Quick Shot The Nomad quickly shoots forward. Can be button-mashed for rapid fire.
Side Purple Hip Shot

The Nomad fires his revolver from the hip. More powerful that neutral purple but shorter range.

Up Purple Flare Bullet Fire-elemental variant of Quick Shot fired directly upwards.
Down Purple Hit The Dirt A powerful bullet aimed at the Nomad's feet. Can be charged for additional power.
Neutral Green Call Off Deactivates any active Proxies. Also grants minor invincibility frames during animation.
Side Green Lam Summons the Lam Proxy. Lam follows the Nomad directly as he moves about.
Up Green Yam Summons the Yam Proxy. Yam actively pursues opponents, but does not attack unless told to.
Down Green Om Summons the Om Proxy. Om stays in the place where it was summoned.
Neutral Red Assault Spell Nomad signals with his hand. All active proxies use a short-range elemental spell.
Side Red Status Spell Nomad signals with his hand. All active proxies give off a puff of smoke, which deals a status effect.
Up Red Teleport Nomad teleports over to the farthest located active Proxy. If no Proxies are active, the move loses range but can be directed freely.
Down Red Chakra Point The Nomad triggers one of the Proxies to explode. This puts a cooldown limit on that specific Proxy and prevents re-summoning for a short time, but is highly powerful.
Special Technique Killing Blow The Nomad loads a red bullet into Genie and fires directly forward. This move costs a large amount of the Azure Meter and has very short range, but the move does massive damage if it hits the opponent, and can even one-shot in certain circumstances.
Grab N/A The Nomad grabs the enemy with his empty hand before pistol whipping them repeatedly.
Counter Three Paces The Nomad dodges to the side of an attack, then aims his revolver and shoots the opponent in the stomach.
Azure Burst Unlimited Prowess The Nomad loads his revolver with three Killing Blow bullets, then fires them in rapid succession in front of him. This move is higher range than the normal Killing Blow and deals approximately three times as much damage.

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