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megaman Equipment Icon Protection Badge

MegaMan.EXE is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Mega Man series.




Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Sword MegaMan slashes in front of himself.
Side Purple LongSword MegaMan slashes in front of himself, covering a longer range.
Up Purple WideSword MegaMan slashes above his head.
Down Purple WideSword MegaMan slashes around his body.
Neutral Green Buster Shot MegaMan fires his Buster. Can be charged up for greater damage.
Side Green Bomb MegaMan tosses a bomb in an arc.
Up Green AirShot MegaMan fires upward. If used in the air, he shoots down, propelling himself up.
Down Green Burner MegaMan creates a multi-hit flame burst at his feet.
Neutral Red Roll MegaMan summons Roll, who drastically reduces MegaMan's Tension. Costs Azure.
Side Red GutsMan MegaMan summons GutsMan, who strikes with his fists, breaking guards. Costs Azure.
Up Red ProtoMan MegaMan summons ProtoMan, who strikes forward or backward, depending on the location of the nearest enemy. Costs Azure.
Down Red NumberMan MegaMan summons NumberMan, who places down a powerful NumberBomb. Costs Azure.
Special Technique Full Synchro MegaMan performs a close slashing attack. If this interrupts an opponents attack, MegaMan can cancel into another move, which will be powered up.
Grab N/A MegaMan grabs the opponent.
Counter Guard MegaMan puts up a shield. If an attack hits it, it will send out a ShockWave.
Azure Burst Program Advance MegaMan powers up. Then, using a certain move (see below) will have it be drastically powered up.

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