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Neko Kuroha

Gokukoku no Brynhildr Equipment Icon Protection Badge

Kuroneko is a playable fighter in HexaZure. She hails from the Gokukoku no Brynhildr series.


Neko Kuroha is a hybrid of alien symbiote and a human. She uses "magic", which is alien hybrid abilities in reality. She was held in a lab for alien research, but she escaped and met Ryouta Murakami. It turns out, Kuroneko looks exactly like Ryouta's childhood friend.


Kuroneko's moves cover a lot of range and are difficult to avoid, due to range and their properties. Her black hole is a crucial technique for her. It is unblockable, and sucks opponents in, damaging them heavily. Her other long-ranged moves effectively shut out physical fighters.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Telekinesis Spin Kuroneko spins an opponent several times using telekinesis, damaging with each spin. It affects a short range in front of her.
Side Purple Little Particles Attack

Kuroneko sends ten tiny particles forward as small projectiles.

Up Purple Telekinetic Poke Kuroneko pokes above her with long-ranged telekinesis.
Down Purple Telekinetic Swipe Kuroneko projects a telekinetic wave as an attack.
Neutral Green Black Dome For a lot of Azure, Kuroneko creates a large black dome with minor suction. It can be entered, and constantly damages opponents inside.
Side Green Telekinetic Terror Kuroneko picks up an opponent telekinetically, then smashes them downwards hard. This move has a lot of range.
Up Green Teleport Kuroneko teleports a long distance above her.
Down Green Telekinetic Turn Kuroneko picks up an opponent telekinetically, then turns them around. This move has a lot of range.
Neutral Red Energy Blast Kuroneko fires an energy blast.
Side Red Barrier Kuroneko creates a barrier that can block attacks. It remains airborne for a while.
Up Red Flight Kuroneko starts flying temporarily. She can use other moves as she flies. It is cancelled by using the move again.
Down Red Telekinetic Back Wave Kuroneko pushes an opponent far back using telekinesis.
Special Technique Black Hole For a lot of Azure, Kuroneko creates a black hole. It has a suction effect, and causes damage to opponents trapped inside. The most damage happens in the middle. The hole can't be blocked, but it can be potentially escaped by using some directional input.
Grab N/A Long-ranged telekinesis is used to both grab and throw.
Counter N/A Kuroneko takes the damage, but regenerates the health back, and then she kicks.
Azure Burst Fear the Telekinesis Kuroneko attempts to grab someone telekinetically, and if she does, she bangs them around several times.

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