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Groot is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Marvel series.


Groot is a large, humanoid creature that resembles a leafless tree. He acts as one of the five members of a group known as the "Guardians of the Galaxy". Other members include Starlord, Gamora, Drax, and Groot's main companion: Rocket Raccoon.

Groot is well-known for his limited vocabulary: except for a few select instances, the only audible words that he can speak are "I", "am", and "Groot". Although Groot can be seen as a deadly force when fighting enemies, in reality he is very peaceful and delicate, just like nature itself.


Groot is a tall and powerful fighter, although his defense and speed are subpar. His moves come out quick and utilize a variety of plant life to attack, such as summoning trunks from the ground or tripping opponents with exposed vines. In addition, Groot can morph parts of his body to make him a surprisingly versatile fighter.

Groot's strongest power is the manipulation of his roots. Groot can use his roots to ensnare opponents or form trunks of word. Through his other Red Moves, these trunks and roots can be utilized for combat, such as latching onto roots to quickly attacking or breaking trunks into usable projectiles. Mastering Groot requires being able to ground opponents where Groot can fight best without mobility hurting him.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Wood Punch Groot punches forward with a wooden fist.
Side Purple Wood Smash Groot swings his arm forward with a mighty force.
Up Purple Thorn A thorn erupts from Groot's arm to puncture anyone above him.
Down Purple Spinning Kick Groot swings his extended legs around.
Neutral Green Wood Kick Groot swings his leg forward in an overarching kick.
Side Green Thorn Eruption A series of sharp thorns erupt from the floor in front of Groot.
Up Green Wicked Woods A wicked series of roots grow out of Groot's arm.
Down Green Vine Twist Several vines erupt from the ground to twist around Groot.
Neutral Red Wood Hammer Groot forms a large mass of roots on his hand before smashing it down. If he smashes an ensnared opponent, it frees them while doing extra damage.
Side Red Latching Root Groot swings an extended series of roots forward. If a trapped opponent is nearby, Groot can swing to them as a boost to his mediocre recovery.
Up Red Trunk Root Groot throws down a trunk of wood using his roots to propel himself upwards. If a trunk or tree is smashed with Wood Hammer, multiple wood projectiles are made.
Down Red Nature Growth A swirl of roots surrounds Groot, shielding him from knockback. If Groot surrounds a trunk, it grows into a great tree that does damage when opponents are knocked into it.
Special Technique Ingrain Groot ingrains his arm into the floor, unleashing a series of roots that can ensnare opponents. Trunks and trees can also be ensnared to lift them upwards.
Grab Bramble Bush Groot surrounds himself and the grabbed opponent in a bramble bush, before it explodes.
Counter Piercing Blow Groot violently extends the roots of his arms forward to pierce the opponent.
Azure Burst World Tree All sorts of roots emerge from Groot to surround the stage, draining every fighter of some of their energy. The move deals no knockback whatsoever.

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