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Golem is a playable fighter in HexaZure.


An ancient being who has been summoned after years of slumber.


Golem is a very strong character, though he is very slow, most of his attacks taking 2 seconds for him to do another attack. His arms are able to shoot forward, aswell as laser eyes. Golem can go into a second phase where his head will pop off for awhile, allowing him to shoot lasers faster.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Kick Golem will lightly kick.
Side Purple Weak Punch Golem shoots his fist out by a chain, it is a weak attack but is faster then other fist attacks.
Up Purple Stomp Golem jumps up slightly, landing back down and stunning anyone around him.
Down Purple Ground

Golem will slam his foot into the ground, keeping it stuck there. He can pull it up whenever he wants, hitting anyone in the way

Neutral Green Eye Laser Golem will shoot out an eye laser that penetrates through almost everything.
Side Green Strong Punch Golem charges up a strong punch that deals alot of damage, aswell as knockback.
Up Green Cannonball Golem goes into a ball and lands back down, being able to roll around. Can be used as a recover.
Down Green Beetle Armor Golem will turn into a blue hue, becoming stronger for 1 second, acts as a shield.
Neutral Red Staff of Earth Pillar of rocks shoot out right by Golem.
Side Red Heat Ray Golem picks up a Heat Ray and fires forward.
Up Red Possessed Hatchet Throws a hatchet up that locks onto enemies, not crazy accurate but can still follow them.
Down Red Picksaw Plants a picksaw down that can be picked up and thrown by anyone.
Special Technique Golem Head Golem will be able to pop his head off, being able to shoot lasers alot faster
Grab N/A Golem's arms shoot out, both of them grabbing forward and pulling back.
Counter N/A Golem lightly shoots his fist out.
Azure Burst Lihzard Temple A giant Lihzard Temple floats in the background as Lihzards come flying in, attacking players.

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