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Etalus is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Rivals of Aether series.


Etalus is a legendary warrior of the Harbor Guard. The Harbor Guard is dedicating to protecting their home turf, the Ice Barrens. They defend the residents of the Ice Barrens, known as Hyperboleans, from other elemental factions such as Fire, Air, or Earth.

In recent times, however, the Harbor Guard has struggled with the rise of a new threat known as the Black Ice. This malicious group of shadowy creatures began to massacre the Hyperboleans, and the Harbor Guard was simply too late to protect them. Etalus is one of the few living members of the guard, stalking the Black Ice in hopes of defeating them while the Hyperboleans seek new land to call their home.


Etalus is a fighter that focuses on trapping fighters through terrain advantages. He boasts very powerful attacks on the ground, as well as a decent air game. His speed and recovery are very average. Although he may seem like a generic fighter, Etalus's abilities are greatly complimented through his ability to summon and utilize ice.

Through some of his moves, Etalus can coat platforms with icy terrain. On the ground, this gives Etalus new movement options as he slides across the ice to perform powerful attacks. He can also use the ice to coat himself in defensive armor, or smash it to trap any nearby opponents by freezing them. Through this manipulation of the icy terrain, Etalus can quickly approach foes through stopping their movement, and follow up with heavy damage.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Polar Claw Etalus unleashes its claws forward to slash at opponents.
Side Purple Slip Slide

A momentum-based attack where Etalus slides forward.

Up Purple Defrost Jab Etalus thrusts his arms upwards.
Down Purple Belly Flop Etalus extends his body outward.
Neutral Green Chilly Roar Etalus lets out a bitterly cold breath that can freeze the ground.
Side Green Wall Bear Etalus headbutts forward, attacking with a powerful back kick.
Up Green Blizzard Bash Etalus slashes upwards before bringing his hands downwards.
Down Green Ice Sledge Etalus smashes ice-covered fists on either side of him.
Neutral Red Frozen Hammer Etalus hammers the ground with a block of ice. If he hammers frozen terrain, he gains icy armor that protects him of knockback for a single hit.
Side Red Icicle Advantage Etalus lets out a mighty roar as three icicles fly down at a diagonal angle in front of him, freezing the terrain.
Up Red Crusher Plateau Etalus jumps up to create an icy platform above him. Holding the command makes him drop down afterwards, while tapping the command lets him push off the platform for an extra jump.
Down Red Glacial Shatter Etalus smashes the ground, destroying nearby ice and freezing opponents that are standing around the smashed ice.
Special Technique Parry At the cost of a bit of the Azure Meter, Etalus can parry an attack. Parrying adds major end lag to an attack in order to stun the opponent, allowing Etalus to retaliate. Parried projectiles are reflected back for higher damage.
Grab Bear Dunk Etalus holds the opponent up high before dunking them downwards at an angle.
Counter Lunge Jaw Etalus rears back before delivering a ferocious bite with icy jaws.
Azure Burst Ice Barrens Etalus calls in a blizzard that freezes a large area around him, granting him free icy armor and trapping nearby opponents.

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