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Cat Mario

200px-Cat Mario Artwork - Super Mario 3D World

SSB Mario Series Equipment Icon Agility Badge

Cat Mario is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Super Mario series.


Mario is one of, if not the most iconic video game character in existance. Ever since his introduction in 1981, he has made multiple appearances in all types of media since and is the mascot of Nintendo. After over 30 years of platforming, he continues to stand strong as one of the most well-known characters in gaming history.

Cat Mario in particular first originated in Super Mario 3D World. This brand-new power up was born out of the developer's ideas to have Mario be able to run on all fours and climb up walls. In a "function first" manner, the idea of transforming into a cat was established afterwards, which later became a key component in the Wii U title.


Cat Mario is still Mario: as such, he is classically designed to be a balanced fighter. All of his abilities such as power or jump height remain average or above average. Although he doesn't excel extremely at anything, he is very well-rounded and can easily stand up to many characters because of this. His average abilities make him a fine choice for beginner players.

The Cat Suit that Mario wears does provide some unique changes, however. Mario ends up losing most of his projectiles in place of having better range for his melee attacks. His mobility is also given a large buff, with his speed being faster to function hand and hand with his lighter attacks. Mario also retains many of his classic abilities like wall jumping, but with new twists such as being able to scale a wall for a short time before jumping off.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Cat Scratch Cat Mario slashes with his paw.
Side Purple Double Swipe

Cat Mario swipes both of his hands forward.

Up Purple Arc Paw Cat Mario swings his paws upward to meet in a clap.
Down Purple Tail Whip Cat Mario whips his tail forward.
Neutral Green Spinning Cat Cat Mario spins around in place rapidly.
Side Green Sliding Claw Cat Mario slides forward with claws extended.
Up Green Jump Claw Cat Mario jumps upwards in an iconic pose with his claws extended.
Down Green Forward Roll Cat Mario rolls forward slightly.
Neutral Red Super Bell Cat Mario swings a Super Bell forward. The bell travels a decent speed, but slows down once it starts bouncing on the ground.
Side Red Pounce On the ground, Cat Mario leaps up before swiping and traveling at a downwards angle. In the air, the pounce is performed automatically without jumping first.
Up Red Flagpole A flagpole spawns in front of Cat Mario to climb upwards. This move does not provide horizontal recovery but can be combined with Pounce.
Down Red Lucky Cat Cat Mario turns into his Lucky Cat form, plummeting to the ground and remaining invincible for a short time.
Special Technique Wall Cling Cat Mario can cling onto any sort of non-passable platform from the side. He can climb up and down on it for a short time or jump off to perform a wall kick attack. This technique is great for guarding edges or approaching foes.
Grab Swing Cat Mario grabs the foe and swings them around before throwing them off.
Counter Dash Claw Cat Mario gets a running start as he leaps forward in a flip, slashing at foes.
Azure Burst Double Cherry Cat Mario uses a Double Cherry to clone himself multiple times, with the clones traveling outward from Cat Mario's position. The individual clones don't do much damage, but can trap opponents to get hit by other clones.

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