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Camp Cook

Camp Cook

Kingdom of Loathing symbol Equipment Icon Protection Badge

Camp Cook is a playable fighter in HexaZure. He hails from the Kingdom of Loathing series.


Camp Cook is a random one of the many, many, many enemies in Kingdom of Loathing. He can be found when the player investigates a plaintive telegram, along with buzzards, grizzled bears, mountain lions, pyroboves, restless ghosts, and more poorly drawn enemies. He is described as a spoon-wielding madman.


Camp Cook attacks using his spoon, along with beans. The beans help him camp, making him a defensive style character. The beans can shoot as firey projectiles. With bean dishes, the Camp Cook can heal himself, making him difficult to defeat.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Spoon Smash Camp Cook smashes his spoon down.
Side Purple Travel Spoon

Camp Cook slides forward a miniscule distance, hitting with his spoon slightly.

Up Purple Head Whacker Camp Cook hits upward using his head.
Down Purple Slash Camp Cook slashes down at his feet with his spoon. The slash has good duration.
Neutral Green Handful of Beans Camp Cook throws a handful of beans. It barely has any range, and is a weak attack.
Side Green Bean Missile Camp Cook launches a bean as a missile, with lots of range and speed.
Up Green Beanball Camp Cook shoots a fireball-esque bean into the sky. It has a burning effect.
Down Green Spoon Smack Camp Cook draws back his spoon, then smacks with it.
Neutral Red Plate of Heimz Fortified Kidney Beans Camp Cook heals himself of a lot of damage.
Side Red Plate of Mixed Garbanzos and Chickpeas Camp Cook heals himself. He heals half the damage of his neutral red, yet he'll also gain some Azure Meter.
Up Red Hot Spoon Camp Cook's spoon becomes hotter as he holds it up for a second.
Down Red Plate of Tesla's Electroplated Beans Camp Cook heals himself of a lot of damage, in between his neutral and side red. Immediately after the heal, a slight electric surge will travel down him, damaging foes who are close enough.
Special Technique Stinking Cloud Camp Cook creates a small cloud in front of himself. Up to three can exist at once. They cause constant damage to opponents in them, like poison.
Grab N/A Camp Cook slings the foe a tiny distance from his spoon.
Counter N/A Camp Cook throws a bean.
Azure Burst Unpleasant Smell A large scent flies off the top of Camp Cook, dealing damage similarly to Stinking Cloud.

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