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Disney's Bolt Equipment Icon Agility Badge

Vile is a playable fighter in HexaZure.


Bolt is a 'superhero dog' that has been manipulated to think he truly is a superhero, when he is just a hollywood dog for a famous television show titled 'Bolt'


Bolt is actually a pretty decent attacker but can be whacked around alot, so he relies on his speed most of the time for him to run in, deliver the attack, and escape.


Type Name Description
Neutral Purple Puppy Chomp Bolt snaps forward two times, barking.
Side Purple Dash Bolt dashes forward a bit, leaving a blur behind him. Damages whoever is hit.
Up Purple High Blow Bolt will leap up onto two feet and bite forward.
Down Purple Shrapnel Bolt will slam his paws down, sending little pieces of rock around, the pieces can damage fighters.
Neutral Green Golden Right Vile punches forward with tremendous strength, but takes time to recharge from the attack.
Side Green Super Bark Bolt barks, sending a shockwave outward that damages fighters.
Up Green Donkey Kick Bolt will do a handstand and kick backward with tremendous force. Has alot of knockback, great for ledge attacks.
Down Green Super Speed Bolt has a blur to him, speed increases momentarily.
Neutral Red Squeaky Carrot Bolt will grab onto a squeaky carrot in his mouth and throw it, making a bouncy hazard that dissapears after a few seconds.
Side Red Hamster Ball Bolt grabs a hamster ball into his mouth as the hamster ball begins to spin, once let go of the button the hamster ball will fly forward.
Up Red Beg Bolt will begin to beg, if an opponent is close enough they will be stunned.
Down Red Styrofoam Bolt will sprinkle some styrofoam on the ground. Styrofoam will cause opponents to slip and fall.
Special Technique Mittens As long as Mittens is not on cooldown, at any point or time Bolt can call out Mittens, a cat that will attack with a flurry of swipes. If Mittens is out for too long or damaged enough, she will retreat away and go into a cooldown
Grab N/A Bolt grabs the enemy in his mouth, shaking them around violently.
Counter N/A Bolt headbutts forward.
Azure Burst Omega Bark Bolt will step his foot forward as he lets out a massive Super Bark, sending any enemies flying away with the giant shockwave.

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