Harvester is an upcoming free-roam game that follows Psyche Terra, the current reigning Soul Harvester, through a journey to the Unaether , the world that is essentially the bridge from Vivillion to the Netherworlds.


Harvester has a very fast paced fighting system, meaning you need to think quick before you are attacked. Psyche comes equipped with two gauntlets that are not capable of hurting people without souls, but are able to knock the souls out of people if they are hit hard enough. Souls can be knocked out by punching someone hard enough, or getting a high combo. Their souls will float overhead, and they can then be absorbed

When souls are absorbed they can struggle, meaning you need to tap repeatedly to suck it in. Souls can be used to upgrade the gauntlets and Pysche's abilities. Too much souls absorbed at once can cause Psyche to go into Aftermath Mode, leading her to lose almost all of her sanity. In this mode she cannot attack, and if killed in this mode she will die, spawning her back at the nearest Soul Harvester Regeneration Station.

Bosses are a different story, they have a health bar that, when depleted, will launch their souls out, though they aren't as easy as enemies, you will have to wittle down the soul enough until it is exhausted enough to be absorbed. When gauntlets are upgraded enough they will be able to create mini anti-grav fields, and even EMP-like weapons that absorb any souls in a specific proximity.


When Psyche is summoned to Unaether,  a world that is essentially the bridge to the NetherWorlds, things go sour when a mastermind named Cerebrium takes over Unaether, leaving Psyche without any support whatsoever. It's her job to stop Cerebrium and take back Unaether.

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