First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project?

Introduced in 2009, Happy was a new mascot for McDonalds. The character, basically a Happy Meal come to life, with bug eyes, wiry arms and legs, and human-like teeth and tongue, was deemed to be the stuff of nightmares when it was launched in the United States in 2014.

In the Mysterious Seven Project, he keeps this creepy characterization, attacking by using dark hamburger magic and devouring opponents.


  • Standard Special: Super-Size Me - Enlarges his hands to inflict more damage.
  • Side Special: Burger Time - Creates a hamburger one ingredient at a time by tossing the ingredients.
  • Up Special: Fry Tentacles - Summons tentacles that look like fries to lift him up.
  • Down Special: Devour - Grabs a character and devours them before spitting them out.
  • Super Move: Happiness Intensify - Summons an army of clones to attack the stage.

Guerras Brawl Series


Perfect Happy

*laughing* Now that I'm a GOD, I can do whatever I frying please! And there is no one here to stop me!
Happy, Guerras Brawl 1
In the first game, Happy is a starting playable character. At first, he seems to play like a normal playable character. However, as the story goes on, Happy finds out that he's actually a god with a bigger role than any other. Because of this, Happy begins to terrorize the world as the battle between The Bewilderbeast and Perfect Chaos goes on. Eventually, you must face him in his own boss battle.

If you win against him, you deliver a final blow to his face, causing a massive hole to appear in his face, sucking in all traces of his descruction, the Bewilderbeast, and Perfect Chaos.

Later in the game, if you beat Story Mode "999%", a secret boss appears known as Perfect Happy. He's a golden Happy with giant falcon wings, red eyes, sharp claws, and bazookas. If you beat him, another hole in his face will appear, this time sucking away all of his Happy tribe members, and killing Happy for good, making Yoda the new lead god of the Guerras Multiverse.

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