Hanabi Games is a video game development studio founded by the creator of GD Gaming Studios, GamingDylan, on Friday, August 1st, 2014. Despite being created by the same person, Hanabi Games is mostly unrelated to GD Gaming Studios. The company's slogan is "Games that are sure to be a blast". The team mostly focuses around building umbrella games, while subgenres can race from fighting to party games.

Game Development


Here are a list of games created by Hanabi Games.


  • Hanabi means Fireworks in Japanese. Due to this, the logo resembles an exploding firework, and the slogan is a reference to fireworks as well.
    • The Hanabi logo is often an easter egg is the games that they work on, in some form. In addition, the title for Super Smash Bros. Blast may in fact be based on fireworks as well.

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