SSB Hammiverse Series

The Hammiverse is the universe in which all Lapis wiki games by Ham (Talk) take place in. Each separate series takes place in its own timeline, with Mundo Lapso being the first chronologically and the beginning of all timelines. Each timeline was dependent on decisions made in Mundo Lapso, e.g. the Downfall timeline being the result of the Escape Ending and Ionsaí Scáth being the result of the Lost Ending. Most timelines take place on separate planets, the only exception being the Rubble timeline (Ionsaí Scáth series), which takes place on the remains of Labirint, the main planet in Mundo Lapso. Characters from other timelines may appear in games via a Timeline Rift, in which you connect two games from separate timelines (Mundo Lapso excluded, though other games in the Labirintine timeline work) in order to get bonuses such as new characters, items, stages or even a new story. Prominent characters in the Hammiverse include Pinkie Pie, Inkling, Taylor Swift, Reckless Guy From Wii Game Start-Up Screen and Paper Mario.

Labirintine Timeline

The Labirintine Timeline is known as the main timeline in the Hammiverse, being the root of all other timelines. The Timeline is continued through the Perfect Ending in Mundo Lapso, in which the characters succeed in their mission of saving the planet and continue to explore together.

Note: A darkened background denotes an unlockable character

Character Mundo Lapso
Blaziken Check
Gasparo Check
Honey Queen Check
Inkling Check
Kirby Check
Lisa Simpson Check
Lucario Check
Pac-Man Check
Paper Mario Check
Pink Gold Peach Check
Rainbow Dash Check
Rumble McSkirmish Check
Sonic the Hedgehog Check
Toad Check
Yoshi Check

Ascension Timeline

The Ascension timeline consists of Downfall and its sequels. It stems from the Escape Ending, in which the characters of Mundo Lapso fail to save Labirint and escape the planet. Each game in the Ascension timeline takes place in a Cosmic Nexus where characters from different universes interact. Each Cosmic Nexus consists of a central area and portals to each respective universe.

Rubble Timeline


Refrain Timeline


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