"Guerras Brawl 1", translated as "Brawl War 1" is an umbrella fighting game for the Wii U, PS4, and XBox. Most of the content in the game is new, such as the removal of Mario, the power to switch between 16-bit and HD graphics for the fights, and the edition of Health Meters, Special Attack Meters, and Item Boxes.

Story Mode


The game starts out with a giant purple, black, and pink beam of energy shooting into the sky, causing a giant hole to open. A being known as Doctor Doom is controlling a machine that is generating the portal. From out the portal comes a god-like deity, bigger than anything the universe has seen. In the nearby Disney Castle, Marceline, Ashley and Red, Bandana Dee, Alpha, and another figure are seen looking out the window. The figure says "Chaos."

Chapter 1: Strange Things Are Happening To Me

The adventure starts with Luigi relaxing in his backyard, playing with Polterpup. As he throws a bone from Polterpup to fetch, an explosion is heard from Peach's Castle, and smoke rises out from it. Luigi, knowing that Mario is saving another princess from Tatanga, thinks that it's his time to shine and save the princess.

Later, when he arrives, he sees a man wearing a green cloak and a metal mask. He's seen carrying the princess, with black imp-like creatures attacking Peach's army of Toads. The man says that soon he'll awake "The Deity" to face off against the Bewilderbeast. Luigi, unknown to the man, tries to jump on him, but gets stopped by the Heartless, the black imps mentioned earlier. Luigi is dragged deeper into the castle, being taken down to the castle sewers, while Peach is taken by the man is green.

In another universe, a Youtuber named Peanut Butter Gamer is getting ready to make another video when a message on his computer shows up, saying "BEHIND U." He turns around, only to see an army of Sims from MySims, angry that they were dissed by him. They were about to attack him when a black trident impaled one of them. A purple cloud of dust was spread, confusing the MySims Sims. However, during the purple could attack, PBG escaped with two small figures.

As PBG and the two small figures run from his house, the rest of the MySims come out, wearing buckets and holding kitchen untensils. The two figures reveal themselves as Ashley and Red, and they raise their weapons. PBG decides to go with them and puts out an NES Zapper, and the battle begins!

After the fight, the three high five eachother when a giant hole appears in ground, revealing a green emerald covered in dirt. Ashley picks up the emerald, summons a portal, and asks PBG if he'll come with them. He says yes, and the three go into the portal to another location.

Meanwhile, with the man in green, he reveals his name is Doctor Doom, and that he's holding Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs hostage in some sort of containment tank. He pulls a lever, which electrifies the four, turning them into The Invincibubble, Mr. Superawesomeness, Sour Note, and Sir-Pinch-a-Lot. He sends them to a world he says is called "Bikini Bottom."



As stated above, Guerras Brawl 1 has many different features from most umbrella. For one, most umbrellas play out like Super Smash Bros., which includes people hitting eachother until one flies off the stage. However, Guerras Brawl 1 includes a health meter, much like Street Fighter. The game also includes Special Attack Meters, which measure the energy needed to pull off a special attack. Finally, there's the Item Box. Using a specific button, you can put an item in a sqaure slot on top of the screen and hold on it for later.



Image And Name Franchise Description



SSB Mario Series The second banana is the first playable character! Luigi is all around and balanced character, easy for beginners to control. He uses moves based on his various games, but the main part of his moveset is his Poltergust 5000, which can suck up small items, Coins, even opponents at times!


Peanut Butter Gamer

Youtube Peanut Butter Gamer, or PBG, or Shaggy, makes it into an umbrella game! PBG uses moves based on his various reviews he's done, such as an NES Zapper, fruit projectiles from the MySims games, and the Wind Waker for LoZ: The Wind Waker.

Strawberry Raccoon Frog FOL5

Frog Strawberry Raccoon

SSB SRF A raccoon dressed as a frog who fights crime because WHY NOT. Frog Strawberry Raccoon can uses many moves in her arsenal. Some examples are opening up Froggyspace Portals and summoning a creature known as Frogbull.


Dex Dogtective

Food Fight!

Dex Dogtective has starred in one of the worst animated movies of all time. Dex is a bit faster than some characters and can do melee attacks, but that's not saying much. However, he can replenish his health only once during the battle using raisins.


LEGO Minifigure

SSB Lego The only customizable character in the game, the LEGO Minifigure is the most unique character in it. In the upgrade shop, there's a special section that has shirts, pants, hats, facial expressions, and items just for the Minifigure! The moveset can be changeable, thanks to the costumes. You can also name him.


Chun Li

Street Fighter Chun Li is one of Street Fighter's most recognizible characters! Chun Li uses her most famous move, the Lightning Kick, as one of her many attacks. She also uses the Spinning Bird Kick and Stomp Kick. You'll get a "kick" out of her in this game!


Hiccup and Toothless

How To Train Your Dragon The duo from the How To Train Your Dragon appears! Hiccup is the one who uses weak melee attacks and isn't that good in the air, while Toothless is the exact opposite.


Mega Man

Megaman Series Logo

This isn't just Mega Man. It's the SUPER FIGHTING ROBOT, MEGA MAN!!! Mega Man can use his Mega Buster for most of his attacks, along with using moves from the Robot Masters of Mega Man 1.

1186840-birdo mario party 8


SSB Mario Series Birdo is the cross between a Yoshi and an elephant. Birdo can use her giant red bow as a boomerang and her eggs as projectiles. She can also turn into Robirdo.



Popeye! Popeye is a sailor, and one of the most highly recognized cartoons ever! He can drive his boat into people (a mini-version) and can eat spinach to attack!




Marceline is a vampire queen from the Land Of Ooo. Marceline can turn into a bat and fly, suck blood from others (obviously not seen in game) and can use flame based attacks.

While every character in the game is important in Story Mode, Marceline is one of the founders of the Five Saviors.


Ashley and Red

SSB Wario Series

Ashley from WarioWare is alone. She also has her buddy Red. Ashley can preform magic spells that hex the opponent with damage or status affects, while Red stabs people with his trident.

While every character in the game is imporant in Story Mode, Ashley and Red are some of the founders of the Five Saviors.




Alpha is only one of the many users of TOME. He can shoot out lightning and use many attacks based on the Greek Gods. Also Demon Alpha. Run away.

While every character in the game is important in Story Mode, Alpha is one of the founders of the Five Saviors.

250px-Waddle Dee

Waddle Dee

SSB Kirby Series

Also known as Spear Waddle Dee, Waddle Dee is quite a fun character. Besides his spear, he can use his parosol or even call on an army of Waddle Dee's for help.

While every character in the game is important in Story Mode, Waddle Dee is one of the founders of the Five Saviors.


Locky's Pizza

Fighters Of Lapis Wiki A living pepperoni pizza owned by Locky. It can break up into 8 slices that can stab and impale people and can also throw itself life a frisbee. It has many red eyes.


Opinion and Pencil

Guerras Brawl The Opinion, besides Wind-Up, is one of the most un-appreciated things in the universe. So it took up fighting! It uses it's pencil buddy and it's body to attack.



DisneyIcon Bless my soul! Herc is on a roll! Hercules is the strongest man alive, and his moveset shows it. He's the only character that can swing you around, and can also lift a Greek column.

Eren EB3

Eren Jeager

SSB AttackOnTitan Eren Jeager is a young boy who lives in the Walls. Oh, and he wants to commit Titan genocide. His moveset mostly is associated with his 3D Manuver Gear. Also his Titan Form.


Balloon Fighter

NES The Balloon Fighter, after being scrapped from SSB Melee, comes to fight. In the air, he's AMAZING, but his attacks all involve balloons, whether it be launching them or popping them!

Excitebike at sm


NES Here we have another NES classic taken away from Melee: the Excitebiker! The character uses his motorcycle, whether it doing tricks to run you over or causing oil spills.

200px-Ice Climbers-1

Popo And Nana

NES The two Ice Climbers are ready to battle! Popo, the blue one, attacks with his mallet, much like Nana, and Nana, the pink one, can also shoot ice out of her hands!



NES Stanley is so forgotten he's never on anyone's "Top 10 Forgotten Mario Characters" List. So he came to fight! He uses his trusty bug extreminating gun for most of his attacks!



SSB MCDONALDS Once a regular Happy Meal Box, Happy is a mysterious being who has unknown origins to speak of. Happy can explode into fireworks and dance, but little does he know, his TRUE power is near perfection...

Iron ManThor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkjCaptain AmericaHulkFOL5SJPA Hawkeye 4SJPA Black Widow 3

The Avengers

SSB Avengers

The six Avengers. The characters are picked randomly each time, and here are some of their attacks.

Thor=Flight and Mjilnor

Iron Man=Flight and Missiles

Captain America=Shield and Speed


Black Widow=Martial Arts

Hawkeye=Bow and arrows. 


Fred Rechid

Spongebob Squarepants Rev up those friers, because Fred is coming to town! Fred attacks by throwing fake legs at people and revving up those friers, along with throwing scalding hot Krabby Patties.


Obscure Update


This update features 10 obscure characters and 10 obscure stages.

Image And Name Franchise Description



SSB Mario Series Draculad is a one-time enemy from Super Mario Land 2. He can float on a cloud of Minikyura's, along with shooting them out of his hand, spawning them, and turning into one! That's really batty...

SML2 PumpkinZone

The Pumpkin Zone

SSB Mario Series The Pumpkin Zone from Super Mario Land 2. A platform, which is the one you fight on, takes off around the four levels in the zone, along with the 2 bonus levels! Bats are common here.


Johnny Appleseed

DisneyIcon Johnny Appleseed, specifically Disney's version. He can throw apples, use his pot hat as a boomerang, and even use a stick to clobber opponent's heads with!


Johnny Appleseed's Forest

DisneyIcon A regular forest in Disney's Melody Time. It's like Canvas With A Line, except it's, well, a forest. The animals there appear in the background and throw food to help you1

 Starting Stages


Image And Name Franchise Description
Super-mario-bros1-1World 1-1 SSB Mario Series The most famous videogame level of all time. World 1-1 is the first level of Super Mario Bros., and the course is pretty easy. However, Goombas and Koopas CAN cause you (minimal) damage.

Bowser World

Bowser Land

SSB Mario Series The ever-so grand world of Bowser Land! The stage is on a moving platform, taking you to a Bowser Train, the Koopa Klown Ferris Wheel, and the Great Tower! Watch out for Meowser, who appears at the tower!
Green Lego BaseplateLEGO Baseplate SSB Lego A green, blank, generic LEGO Baseplate. Seems like that? NOPE. During the fight, LEGO bricks fall from the sky, making climbable structures like a castle, house, a tree, even the Moon!


Robot Master Selection Screen

Megaman Series Logo Choose your Robot Master! You can jump on all 9 squares, but the two bottom rows are a bit harder to reach. Once in awhile, one of the Robot Masters from Mega Man 2 appear and try to knock you off the stage!


Youtube Logo

Youtube The infamous logo for Youtube. Players can jump on the different letters, and can even make the word "Tube" fly in the air! Watch out for that cursor that tries to click on you, however!


Wily's Castle

Megaman Series Logo This is Dr. Wily's castle from Mega Man 1. The Yellow Devil appears at times, trying to kill everyone. Also, the platform changes at times, making it a tricky stage to play on. Fun, right?


Isle Of Berk

How To Train Your Dragon Hiccup's homeland and the land of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe. Every five minutes a Deadly Nadder flies onto the stage, breathing fire. The stages switches between day and night.


The Walls

SSB AttackOnTitan

The three walls which protect the main characters from Titans. You fight on top of the Walls, and every now and then a Colossal Titan appears and tries to smash you with it's hand.

Balloon Fight

Balloon Fight

NES Balloon Fight has you moving on a platform made of balloons through the stage. Below you, there's Balloon Fight's signature fish, waiting for someone to fall so it can eat you...DUN DUN DUN.

The Summit

The Summit

NES The Summit from Ice Climbers returns from Super Smash Bros. Brawl! The stage functions like it did in that game, and it also seems Balloon Fight's fish likes to get around the world...


Canvas With A Line

Guerras Brawl A blank stage with only a line to walk on. It's completly generic, with no other floating platforms or stage hazards. However, you can customize the background during the fight, so yeah.


Colossal Titan

SSB AttackOnTitan On this Attack On Titan themed-stage, you don't fight in the village or in the walls. YOU FIGHT ON A 60-FOOT COLOSSAL TITAN. The Titan walks around, and even moves it's arms!

Hellicarrier Stage

The Helicarrier

SSB Avengers The Avenger's Helicarrier. Every so often, a group of Chitauri appear and start attacking the ship, making it drop down farther to the Earth. If you beat them, the ship goes back up.

Unlockable Stages


Image And Name Franchise Description

Assists (Default)


Image And Name Franchise Attacks

250px-ShroobAlien Pits


SSB Mario Series Brings out four more Shroobs, then they all shoot lazers at you.

Shroob UFO

Shroob UFO

SSB Mario Series Flies onto the screen, and shoots lazers at you. However, sometimes they'll drop their lazer gun and grab an opponent.


Xenomorph Clone

AlienSeriesLogo Can eject acid into another character, either making them poisoned or making them pass out.
TBA Space Invaders TBA

Bosses (Story Mode)

Image And Name Franchise Description


The Invincibubble, Sir Pinch-A Lot, Sour Note, and Mr. Superawesomeness

??? Spongebob and his pals have turned into super...idiots. Spongebob uses bubbles, Patrick uses his MASSIVE girth, Squidward uses sour notes, and Mr. Krabs uses money and his pinchers! The cancer of animation is here...



SSB Paper Mario Series Dimentio, Master of Dimensions! Doctor Doom's second in command, Dimentio has three boss fights, this being the easiest. Dimentio can use magic, along with making copies of himself.

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