Current Age 24
Gender Female
Species Demon
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Giga Pin
First Appearance Project Needles

Guane Valiss is one of the most important characters of Project Needles, being the owner of the Pig Corps, which is an army of guinea pigs that listen to her commands. She joins up with Needles midway through the Hero story - assuming that is her chosen path - and helps her fight off Nateah and The Echeno. Guane is known for her insane number of owned guinea pigs, it is assumed that she owns within 12,000 - 15,000 of them.


Project Needles

Originally appearing as an antagonist, thinking Needles' goals were malicious due to the fact that she accidentally stampled her garden, she battles Needles until she realized that she was much more than a garden destroyer - she was a human with a soul. Helping her out in the Hero story and staying out of her way in the Dark story, Guane doesn't have much of a role besides this. Needles can choose to kill her.


Guane is a tall female humanoid demon, noted for her hunchback structure and for her blazing blue eyes surrounded by black sclera. Her skin is blue all over and she has a long tail extending from the bottom of her back. She wears no clothes barring a yellow cloak which covers most of her body down to her knees. The sleeves are longer than the arm length and as such the ends kinda just...droop off.


Guane has really no interesting abilities, other than the fact she can control an army of guinea pigs and the fact that she can take really, really good care of her pets. She's also extremely social and gets along well with people. If she must fight, she does simple jabs and kicks.


Guane is...way too kind. She's very open to people and treats them with utter respect, and does anything to make them happy, sing them lullabies, feed them, what not. Guane is always optimistic, and even in terrible situations, she always looks for the positive outcomes, as she hardly feels negativity at all. If people act hostile towards her, she'll try and defend herself and find ways to change the person's mind on harming her.

However, there is more to Guane than her just being kind. If someone upsets her enough, she will immediately go into attacking mode and send out her guinea pig army to help her fight. She will also do fighting herself although she's not very good at it and has had a terrible teacher try and help her learn.

Relationships with Other Characters


Guane and Needles got along pretty well after that battle they had during the course of Project Needles, and have become quite good friends - unless the Dark story was done, then she would have killed her instead.

General Snickers

Word is said that Snickers was the first person she ever met that wasn't part of her family. Snickers was awfully rude, and both got into enormous arguments that led into yelling and mass frustration. It was this event that changed Guane - to not be like this sore loser.



  • Guane's name is obviously based off the word "guinea" - you know, because guinea pig.
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