This page depicts Ham's ideas for how the second half of season 2 in Gravity Falls will play out. It directly precedes Not What He Seems.

Name No. in
The Author 12
Warning: Long
Episode after Not What He Seems. Stanley is furious at everyone. Stan for opening the portal, Mabel for trusting Stan and Dipper for using his Journal without permission and writing in it. Something snaps in Dipper and he storms off with Book 3, declaring that Stanley is “just like his brother”. Mabel notices and drags Stanley with her to follow her brother. Dipper, after much running, collapses. A hand lifts him up; Bill Cipher. Bill talks to Dipper about how his family are ignoring him and ultimately encourages Dipper to believe his feelings of betrayal more strongly. Bill proposes a deal in which Dipper gets all 3 Journals and the answers to every other mystery in Gravity Falls, in exchange for “the removal of Pine Tree from the Wheel”. Dipper - after much hesitation - is about to agree, when his grandfather and sister rush at him from the bushes. Both of them urge him to give them the book for different reasons, putting Dipper in a similar situation to Mabel last episode. Stanley needs the journal to protect them, Mabel tells Dipper to trust her just this once and Bill waits for Dipper to seal the deal. Dipper looks around nervously, throws the Journal on the ground and goes in to shake hands with Bill. Stanley and Mabel dive for the Book, Mabel being triumphant. Stanley grabs Mabel and pushes the hand on the cover of the Journal, letting a small slip of paper fall out. Stanley reads an incantation from the paper, creating a barrier between Dipper and Bill. He drags Dipper behind him and engages in a short battle with Bill, using incantations from the paper. Stanley, badly wounded, begins to recite a rather long one from memory, which takes Bill aback. Bill interrupts halfway through, complimenting Stanley on his impressive memory. Stanley threatens to finish the incantation, making Bill decide to leave the Pines be for now. He leaves, though not before promising to return and complete some unfinished business. The twins bring their injured grandfather back to the Mystery Shack. Mabel surprises Dipper with a hug and he apologises to Mabel for being mad at her, and promises to try and stop. Stanley sends the two to bed and he and Stan exchange a smile.

A shot of Gravity Falls prison is shown. The lights land on two crooks who have just dug out of prison. Upon realising that they have been caught, one criminal hits the other over the head with a shovel and buries him, pretending to be a mourner paying his respects. The lights move away and he runs. Above the prison, the lights form a triangular formation.

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