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Developer(s) Overclockedlogo
Publisher(s) Overclockedlogo
Platform(s) WiiULogo
Genre(s) Open World
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA July 10, 2019

25px-Flag of Europe August 20, 2019

25px-Flag of Japan October 25, 2019

25px-Flag of Australia November 10, 2019

Media Included Wii U Disc
Series Grand Theft Gumball
Successor Grand Theft Gumball 3: Secret of the Ooze

Grand Theft Gumball 2: The Twist of Time is a game made by Exotoro and possibly others if they decide they want to help. While it is a sequel to Grand Theft Gumball, this game does not make a ton of references towards it, being mostly self contained. This game stars Benson as the main character, who is trapped in a time loop.

As opposed to the first game, which had a ton of playable characters, this mainly focuses on Benson, with other playable characters resetting back to their worlds at the start of a new loop. There are also considerably darker themes in the game.


Grand Theft Gumball 2: The Twist of Time, sticks to the formula of the first one with a few changes. It still has a number of different levels, each with missions and a unique plot. Each world varies in size and mission types, with The City being most similar to a typical Grand Theft Auto city, while The Lost Woods is a forest maze with a temple in it. When traveling by foot, the player character can walk, run, and perform three types of attacks: a normal kick, a jumping kick, and a smashing move. Each character has a special ability that is unique to them, which may or may not have to do with combat.

To drive, the player can either commandeer one of the vehicles that litter the road, a feature taken from Grand Theft Auto III, or use a phone booth to select a car. The game's driving missions are also similar to those of Grand Theft Auto III. In both games, the player races against other characters, collects items before a timer runs out, and wrecks other cars.

Playable characters can be switched at any time. During boss fights, they are all close by and present, while in the worlds themselves they are separated. Every character has a variety of things they do when they are not being controlled, similar to Grand Theft Auto V. By the second world, you have to choose up to five people that you will switch to on a moment's notice. They can be swapped out at any time through the menu.

When not attempting a storyline mission, players can free-roam, giving them the ability to do activities. Side missions such as locating and destroying criminals in the police car database or participating in street races can keep the player occupied for hours. You have the capability of destroying things and committing various crimes for fun.

A new feature is the three day cycle, which resets every three days. Benson will keep all his items and party members, but Benson is the only one affected by the time-travel; other inhabitants live as if nothing has happened. When traveling back in time, Benson loses all of his money unless it's placed in a Ender Chest, quantities of items (although not the items themselves; e.g. bullets but not the gun, etc.), world progress (world maps, compasses, etc. unless, of course, the world is completed). He will wake up on his bed every end of cycle. If Benson dies, the cycle is also reset.

Another new feature is the Titan Hunters, who appear randomly in the Worlds, looking for Titans to devour, but you may just do fine to satisfy their hunger. They are also trapped in the time loop, and will remember everything you did to them. Ex: Cutting off their arm will make them still have their arm missing, and they will attack you on sight. They drop great rewards which travel back with you.

Another new feature is Time Battle Towers, which appear randomly in the worlds. They appear only once during a three day cycle. They are about 15 stories big and are randomly generated. You can get some loot and an extra day for the next cycle.

Some other new features include radio stations, dates, and shouts for Benson.



Benson wakes up in the morning and does his normal tasks, such as yelling at Mordecai and Rigby, filing paper work, and relaxing in the sun. Just then, he sees Mordecai and Rigby accidentally bring down the moon. He sees a report on television, saying there only three days before the moon falls to earth.

Benson tries to urge Mordecai and Rigby to send the moon back, but they don't know how. Just then, a portal in the sky opens, with Magic Man falling out. He curses Benson to relive the next three days and leaves. Mordecai, Rigby, and Skips attempt to hold the moon back, but they don't know what's causing the moon to fall in the first place. They send out Benson to find out.

The Park/City

Mission 1: Moon Conspiracy

Benson begins his search to stop the moon from falling to Earth by searching the City. He comes across a member of a cult that worships the moon, and comes under the belief they know. He is very wrong, as he finds that they are even crazier than they appear, from denying the slave trade to believing in Time Cube. As he finds out, they intend to sacrifice him to appease the "moon gods". He knocks out the cult members as they drug him, escaping and passing out. When he wakes up, he is in a horribly maintained hospital, with Leah Needlenam preparing to scoop out his organs. Benson fights his way out and gets out of the hospital, where he gets a call from Audrey.

Mission 2: Audrey

Benson goes on a date with Audrey, pretty much. Just say the right things and you're golden.

After going on the date with Audrey, he realizes she has been brainwashed by some mysterious force but is able to knock sense into her after she attacks him. He is then attacked by some thugs.

Mission 3: Darkness

Benson wakes up with a blindfold and has to get out a chair. He discovers that the cult is back and wants to kill Benson. After beating all the cult members with a simple shout, he gets out of the chair and has to traverse a dark basement. Something grabs him.

Mission 4: Brainwashed

Benson finds himself walking towards a factory and is forced to watch his body unload some kind of metal onto a convener belt. There he finds Charlie Chaplin, who gets sucked into a machine (in similar style to Modern Times) and something roars to life and escapes the factory, providing enough shock for Benson to snap out of his brainwashed state. As he escapes the factory, he notices a odd looking man looking at him, who he chases into a world portal.

The Lost Woods

Mission 1: Happy Fun Time Mask Chase

Benson chases the man and catches him. That's the whole mission. Seriously, that's all there is, and the guy even stops to catch his breath so it's not like it can go on forever.

Mission 2: The Ocarina of Time

Benson finally catches the guy and asks him what he wants from him. The Happy Mask Salesman tells Benson about the moon and about a legendary hero of time, who for some reason he can't find, so Benson will have to be his replacement. Benson groans but complies anyway. The Happy Mask Salesman and Benson go looking for a "Ocarina of Time", but can't find it, causing the Happy Mask Man to freak out, only to realize it was in his pocket the whole time. He gives it to Benson to reset the timeline at any time.

Mission 3: Titan Hunter

Just then, something roars and the monster from the factory appears. Happy Mask Man Salesman tells Benson that those are "Titan Hunters" and they were created shortly after a group led by some guy named "Rumball" or something like that defeated the true versions of Titans. To prevent something like that from happening ever again, man created the Titan Hunters, which was a incredibly stupid idea, as they feed off energy and humans have plenty of it. Benson fights the Titan Hunter, who flees as soon as Benson cuts off a limb.

Mission 4: Farm

Happy Mask Salesman leads Benson to a farm where he can stay and rest, but first he's got to catch a bunch of cows and lead them back to the farm. He rests and meets Malon who tells him about the Magic Man being somewhere in a place called the Walls. Benson sets off into the world portal the next morning.

The Walls

The Hunters of Titans

Benson arrives at the walls and comes across a gigantic Titan; no, not the kind the Lapisverse is used to facing, I mean a giant skinless dude running around. He then arrives inside the wall, where he finds a bunch of Survey Corps attacking it. There he meets Zoe Hanges, who is doing research for the Titans, but in her deep concentration almost gets stomped by a Titan. Benson and the Survey Corps have to take the Titan down.

Titan and Titan

Just then, another Titan, a Lapisverse titan that resembles Exoflux appears and begins to attack the wall. As the Survey Corps attack it, they become vaporized to it's touch. Benson begins to run away but notices that Zoe is still taking notes. He grabs her and the Titan is suddenly slammed by Female Titan. The two battle as the Survery Corps tell Benson to grab a laser that got knocked off.

The Crumbling Wall

The two Titans smash each other into the wall, destroying it. Benson has one shot to defeat both Titans. The trick is to shoot when their heads collide.

The Best

After Benson fires the laser, both Titans are defeated. Benson is hailed as a hero but he looks at the sky; he's got something bigger to tackle. Just then, Magic Man appears but doesn't seem to notice Benson as he puts the two defeated Titans into bottles and heads to his house. Benson must follow him stealthily.

After arriving to his house, he finds a Mars transporter and uses it to go to Mars.


Teleportation to Mars

Benson turns into a comet. The game briefly turns into a game of Galaga. Survive for as long as possible.

State of Union

As Benson arrives on Mars, he finds that a meeting is in place about what to do with the Moon. He notices that they are looking for Magic Man. Benson says that he can find Magic Man, but Benson is not allowed to leave Mars, as they fear he may be Magic Man in disguise. You must go with Abraham Lincoln and prove Magic Man isn't here.

Turns out he is here though. As he switches bodies with a martian, he heads to the union.

I'm Grob Gob Glob Grod

Magic Man switches bodies with Grod Gob Glob Grod and wrecks havoc on Mars. Benson and Lincoln must take him out.

Son of Mars

As Magic Man is defeated, he escapes in a ship. Lincoln tells Benson to go after him via a ship. You need to trail him to BooBees.

Edge of the Universe

Race with You


Titan Hunter

To Tallon IV

Tallon IV


The Moon

Playable Characters

Character Info



Benson is usually the one giving orders, but now he has to save the world from the falling moon. He has the special ability to throw characters back with his shouts. He can equip several different shouts with different abilities over the course of the game.

Happy Mask Salesman

Happy Mask Salesman

SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

The Happy Mask Salesman is a temporary party member for brief periods of time, and the one who knows how to stop the moon from falling. He uses a variety of masks to change into different forms, which he will sell Benson after he stops being playable.

Zoë Hange

Zoë Hange

SSB AttackOnTitan

Hange is very passionate and driven in pursuit of new knowledge. She can be seen as very hyperactive, often diving into projects without thought for personal safety (and frightening many of her subordinates in the process), instead preoccupied with observing and documenting their subjects. She joins Benson at The Walls, now becoming interested in the Irregular Titans and the Titan Hunters. He special ability is using Piston-shot grapple-hooks as well as an ability called "Tattle". She does not appear in Benson's party when the cycle begins again, but if shown something called "Titan Research", she will remember who Benson is.

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln


The King of Mars briefly joins Benson when he appears on Mars. He is akin to Jesus, although in a "recognizable figure" way than anything religious. He has the ability to open up Mars gates and a giant penny attack that flattens anyone in the path of the penny.



SSB Gumball

Carrie is a stereotypical "emo" who enjoys being miserable (although she considered and once referred to herself as a 'punk rock chick' in "The Pony"). Unlike most emo kids, who usually only hang out with other emos, Carrie is a social floater who will talk to anyone, possibly because Elmore Junior High lacks other emos. Carrie joins Benson after seeing him race. She can possess NPCs.


Name Info
Ferrari 458 italia coupe 2012


One of the starting cars in the garage. It can go very fast but it has no real strengths to it.
Hammerhead i-eaglethrust

Hammerhead i-Eagle Thrust

Probably the worst car in the game. The only advantage it truly has is infinite fuel. Good for long rides if you plan on being on a windless plain while going at a relaxing speed of 20 mph. Why would you actually use this?

Mazda Minivan

One of the starting cars in the garage. It's durable, but not as fast as the Ferrari. It has tons of room though...


A concept car. It's quite durable and fast, and can be equipped with slicers and machine guns.


A concept car. It can ride up walls and go underwater. Due to it's tarantula-like skin, it's also unbelievably durable.

Slightly Modified Hyundai

A car modified to fight zombies. It is extremely durable as well very much armed.

Bunker Car

A car modified for Zomboth conditions. It features plenty of supplies and it is one of the more durable cars in the game.
Hulk Car by tech3000

Hulk Car

A car that can carry nuclear waste. Due to this, it's very durable and it has the ability to punch.

Stylish 1969 Chevrolet Camaro

The car featured in the Gorillaz music video "Stylo". The car is very durable all things considered, but only slightly more than the Ferrari. It has the special ability to turn into a submarine.

Mystery Skulls Van

A minivan that sometimes randomly breaks down. It's got a lot of room for weapons and other crazy stuff.
Nitronic Rush Car

Nitronic Rusher

The best car in the entire game. It can go on walls and the celiling, fly, jump, boost, stand itself up using propulsion on the side of the car, and goes extremely fast. It's not too durable though, and you'll loose control quickly.


Character Info




World Missions
TheCityRegular Show

The Park

  • Moon Conspiracy
  • Audrey
  • Darkness
  • Brainwashed

  • Park Race I
  • Park Race II
  • Park Race III
  • Prank'd I
  • Prank'd II: The Prankening
  • Prank'd III: East Pines
Kokiri forest by klausboss-d5efjus

Lost Woods

  • Happy Fun Time Mask Chase
  • The Ocarina of Time
  • The Titan Hunter
  • Farm



The Walls

  • The Hunters of Titans
  • Titan and Titan
  • The Crumbling Wall
  • The Best




  • Teleportation to Mars
  • State of Union
  • I'm Grob Gob Glob Grod
  • Son of Mars


Edge of the Galaxy

The Edge of the Galaxy

  • Race with You
  • Alien
  • Titan Haunter
  • To Tallon IV



A complete list of shouts that Benson can equip over the course of the game. Each has different effects.

Name Effects
Shout 1

Standard Shout

The most standard shout you have. Nothing special about it. It'll stun enemies and harm them a little.
Shout 2

Cold Shoulder

Freezes enemies in their tracks. Effect lasts up to 30 seconds and has a chance of giving enemies frostbite.
Shout 3

Mega Shout

Amplified by a mega-phone, Benson's shouts are even louder and can stun a small group. There's also a chance of sparks coming off the microphone, which has an electrifying effect.
Shout 4

Back Off

This shout causes enemies to be blasted away from Benson, with anything they fly into causing them damage. Depending how tough enemies are, the distance they'll travel will vary.
Shout 5

Plague Cough

Poisons all enemies with a devastating, whooping cough.
Shout 6

Fall Speech

Shout 7

Kamina's Fighting Spirit


Final Roar


Radio Stations

There are a quite a few radio stations in the game. Most of the vehicles can access these radio stations in any world, and they act mostly as music when you're driving or doing missions. You can also input your music off your SD card to "burn it on a disc" and play that instead.

Lotus Dragon

World War X


  • D!tto - 3 Wishes (Remix)
  • Dainumo - Skywalker
  • Super Smash Bros. - Flat Zone (Melee)
  • Hugger Mugger - Where You At
  • I. V - All Stars Remix
  • I. V - I Wanna Race With You
  • Mighty Switch Force - Love You Love You Love (Vocal Mix)
  • Fighters of Lapis 6 - The Underground
  • Pogo - Perth Milks It
  • Pogo - Kadinchey (D!tto Remix)
  • Pogomix Mashup (Remastered)
  • Tegen Toppa Gurren Lagann - Rappu ha Kan no Tamashii da!
  • Pogo - Time Machine
  • Rival - Wandering
  • 100bpm - Anymore (Astronaut VIP Mix)
  • ??? - Walk on Water
  • ??? - Sidewinder (Original Mix)
  • Jeesh - Hero of Time
  • ??? - One for All, All for One
  • ??? - We are One

Dreaming of Nightmares

  • Surgeon - St. Vincent
  • Gorillaz - Empire Ants
  • Joey Fehrenbach - Way Out Here


Character Info



Audrey is Benson's girlfriend at the start of the game. When Benson reaches 100% fondness with her, he can get a canister of Mississippi Queen which allows him to enter another dimension to travel to worlds at anytime as opposed to only being able to quick travel outside of buildings and when there are no enemies nearby.



SSB The Legend of Zelda Series

A woman working at the Lon Lon Ranch who can be dated in a side quest. When Benson reaches 100% fondness with her, she will teach Benson to ride a horse named Epona, the only "vehicle" in the game able to straight up jump over barriers.


Character Info
LeahNeedlenam Colored

Leah Needlenam

SSB Unavaliable

A crazy "doctor" who wants to cut open Benson for some reason. Send her own equipment back at her through your Back-Off Shout and reflect her needles back at her.



SSB GrandTheftGumball




SSB GrandTheftGumball


Box Arts

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