First appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Godzilla (Showa) is the Showa version of Godzilla, in case that somehow wasn't obvious.

Due to his youthful state, he's less heavy and more agile than the normal Godzilla, though he's also more vulnerable to attacks. He has several different attacks from his newer counterpart, making him similar but distinct from the more experienced king of monsters. He can even summon fellow monsters to help him, living up to his title.


  • Standard Special: Atomic Breath - Similar to the other Godzilla's atomic breath, but exchanging the high damage for a lower charge time.
  • Side Special: Tail Slide - Weeeeee! Godzilla slides on his tail to kick his enemies in a rather absurd fashion.
  • Up Special: SKREEEEONK - Godzilla roars to the skies, creating a shockwave around himself that knocks back all enemies who step into it.
  • Down Special: King of Monsters - Godzilla summons a fellow monster to help him. Depending on the time spent charging this attack, it can be one of four monsters -
    • 1 - 3 seconds - Rodan, a flying dragon monster is summoned. Godzilla can use him as a floating platform.
    • 4 - 6 seconds - Ebirah, the terror of the deep is summoned. He will hurt any enemies who get to close and wander around the stage.
    • 7 - 9 seconds - Jet Jaguar, a weird robot man is summoned. He will grab onto any enemy so that Godzilla can beat them up without resistance.
    • 10+ seconds - Mothra, defender of humanity is summoned. She will fly around shooting beams for a few moments before flying up and crashing into the stage in an explosion of energy.
  • Super Move: Oxygen Destroyer - The Oxygen Destroyer bomb drops, creating a massive explosion around Godzilla.

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