First appearance: Fighters of Lapis 3 (As a Boss), Fighters of Lapis 5 (As playable)

Latest appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Godzilla, also known as the King of Monsters, is a kaiju with origins rooted in nuclear war. He was once a reptilian beast known as the Godzillasaurus, but due to nuclear war and the interference of time travelling aliens, he was irradiated and became a massive amphibious monster. He tends to be one of the biggest, if not the most massive character in any game he appears in, but he's also very bulky and is able to deal massive damage.

He appeared as a boss in Fighters of Lapis 3 and appeared as playable in Fighters of Lapis 5.


  • Standard Special: Atomic Breath - Godzilla's traditional atomic breath. It has to be charged for a few seconds, but can keep firing as long as you want after it reaches full charge, and it can be aimed by tilting the control stick.
  • Side Special: Tail Sweep - Godzilla sweeps his tail to the side, dealing massive damage and knockback to anyone hit by it.
  • Up Special: SKREEEEONK - Godzilla roars to the skies, creating a shockwave around himself that knocks back all enemies who step into it.
  • Down Special: Nuclear Pulse - Godzilla creates a nuclear energy pulse around him, buffing his attacks for a few minutes and dealing damage to anyone he grabs.
  • Super Move: Critical Mass - Reaching critical mass, Godzilla glows orange and becomes several times stronger, gaining new upgraded versions of his atomic breath and nuclear pulse. However, he's extremely fragile, exploding and losing a stock after only one strong hit.

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