First appearance: The Mysterious Seven Project

Go!Animate Bodyguard is a character based off the so-bad it's good animated film maker Go!Animate. He uses popular Go!Animate trends into his moveset.

He resembles a heavy bodyguard. I mean that goes without saying, but I gotta put some info down, don't I?


  • Standard Special: Go!Animate Dance - A rather silly looking dance that keeps the body guard in one place. Anyone that comes in contact with him while this dance is going on will get damaged.
  • Side Special: Ground Pound - Grabs a character and "grounds" them, making the character only able to complain as opposed to fight. This effect lasts 10 seconds.
  • Up Special: The Awkward Walk Up - The Bodyguard just walks sideways up. This move can be cancelled if he is hit.
  • Down Special: Change Sign - Grabs a character's series logo and replaces it with a random corporate logo. The character who had their series change will be stunned. This move can be cancelled by hitting him before he changes it.
  • Super Move: Bodyguard Error - The Go!Animate Bodyguard turns red and all of his moves are replaced with powerful punches and kicks.

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