Glemm Olsen Starwrath
Glemm Olsen Starwrath
Current Age 2X
Date of Birth March Xst
Gender Male
Species Zbozzinat
Location  ???
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height 5'0X"
Weight 1XX lbs
Sexuality Trisexual
First Appearance  ???
Glemm Olsen Starwrath is an alien from the fourth dimensional planet Raizebrook and was transferred over to Lynnhaven as a punishment for a cosmic crime he commited, forced to live among third dimensional beings. Although he hated the idea at first, he eventually came to love Lynnhaven thanks to his girlfriend Lara Maziden.


Glemm is a green skinned, wide eyed alien with a yellow lure on the top of it's head. He has two big pointed ears and has one sharp tooth in his arts, although he has been depicted with a full set of teeth if he needs them. He wears a red poncho that hides most of his body, with his hands and feet poking out. He wears black pants and yellow boots. What is under the poncho works similar to quantum mechanics; all probabilities are possible until the poncho is lifted up, meaning that he could be wearing anything under there.

This also effects his genitalia. He could have a regular dick or multiple dicks or even a set of tentacles. He may even have a vagina or another strange set of genitals. The possibilities are endless but not determinate.


Glemm is a outgoing and charismatic person who is a bit of airhead since he thinks in fourth dimensional terms, which usually isn't compatible with the third dimension. He is pretty care-free except when it comes to Lara, who he will do anything to please her or protect her. He has been contacted by the Multiverse Fighters Association, but has stated he's not interested because even he's not sure what he's capable of and would rather spend his time with Lara.

Powers and Abilities

Glemm is a fourth dimensional alien and can do things such as astral projection and manipulating quantum properties of objects. While much of his life is up to probability, he seems to have insane luck with getting things the way he wants them to.


Lara Maziden

His girlfriend, who he met at a cafe shortly after being banished to Lynnhaven. They didn't always like each other but they slowly warmed up to each other. She enjoys his company and vice versa. He is always thinking about her and is one of the reasons why he didn't join the Multiverse Fighters Association.

Corrina Faircloud

Jackie Nymph



  • He has the habit of breaking the fourth wall; possibly the only character aware that the audience exists aside from Briar.
  • He also seems to know all about Corrina and Jackie's sex life, even though he's not actually that close to them which would suggest that he knows about as much as the audience does about anything in the story.