Emotions are nonsense, they're flawed instrumentals in the flow of life and are the crash to the minds of evil and destruction. I do not understand how such powerful people are stopped so easily by the power of emotions...why? Emotions bring nothing but trauma and drama, depression and anxiety, and nothing you would truly want...why attempt fighting it into me? You're not changing my goals trying to insert its power into're ultimately just fueling my desire to end all of what's called "existence". If you dare defy me...then come up to me and try and skewer the answer into me. Just don't be whining to Satan when I wipe the floor with your failures.
Full Name Ginger Nail
The Sorceress of Death's Construction
Current Age 38
Date of Birth November of 1977
Gender Female
Species Human
Location Hynau
Align Evil
Current Status Alive
Class Dark Mage
Family and Relations
Injure Nail, brother
Main Weapon(s) Unorthodox Caduceus
Ability/ies Dark Magic
Darkness Summon
Vulnerable To Light
Nationality None
Ethnicity African American
Height 6'08" / 2.03 meters
Weight 195 lbs / 0.45 kilograms
First Appearance  ???
Gingey (by family)
Voice Actor(s)
Jessica Gee

Ginger Nail, also known as just Ginger and by her family as Gingey, is one of the main antagonists of the TimeStrike timeline, not belonging to a certain franchise as she really does to the entire timeline, threatening the entire universe within just by simply existing. She is an extremely powerful dark mage with many different powers and magic skills.



Ginger is a middle aged woman of African American ethnicity and has a height of six feet and eight inches (about 2 meters). She wears long, dark purple robes that she keeps to hide her face and body clothing. When her face is shown, Ginger has two eyes, one blue and one red, and her mouth is wrapped into a emotionless frown.  Ginger's hair is long, white and black hair kept into a ponytail. Behind her robes are clothing you'd see someone wear in the Middle Ages.


Ginger houses a great amount of abilities, ranging from just plain powerful to completely unfair and ridiculously overwhelming attacks that are guaranteed to even strike a deity down. These abilities were gained from years upon years of training to be perfect, and her own self absorbed personality allowed her to gain these powers even more.

Out of her abilities, Ginger can manipulate objects, levitate them, and toss them away, or shapeshift other objects as well as the air in front of her.  She can bend water and fire and mess around with the world of physics, and screw them over for merely nothing but her very own advantage.  Ginger can also counter attacks with her main weapon; the Unorthodox Caduceus.

Speaking of which, the Unorthodox Caduceus is a powerful weapon that works differently from her dark magic. By casting with it, she can poison or envenom others, from minor pain to instant suffering. When the eyes of the serpents on the Caduceus glow, she is about to use the weapon's most powerful attack; Venom Bomb, which makes an explosive radius of toxic fumes.

Ginger's ultimate attack, the Hellbringer, unearths the depths of Hell and brings it to the surface, and holds the player in place with sins as she attacks them with her toxic powers and a whole array of small bullet hell-like explosives.

Ginger's dark magic is learnt from tomes.


Ginger is extremely quiet and almost devoid of all forms of communication. Ginger always stares at who she talks to straight in the eye, and will go to all sorts of lengths to make sure that when she communicates that she looks right at the whites of their eyes. Whenever Ginger speaks, she says it in a dry, emotionless tone, and no matter what situation, her attitude remains the same, dry tone.

Ginger is quick to get her way and thinks about every path that leads to that way, always taking the shortest as she is somewhat impatient with her own choices. When relying on others, which is rare, she is actually quite patient and allows them to take as much time to do their task as needed, not even caring if they finish it as she will eventually do it herself if they don't.

Ginger does not understand the concepts of love or understanding, or even emotion, and disregards any pleas or talks regarding those fields, and kills or at the very least brutally harms those who mention those words to her. A very morbid past full of unexplained details and facts of her life is said to be the reason why she does not care for emotions of all kinds, but it's really something else.

Ginger is absorbed by herself and her own powers, and they are the reason why she keeps the same, dry and dark tone every single time she talks. Her interests in the dark arts were so powerful that they ate up her inner mind, and prevented her from regaining emotional consciousness.



  • Ginger and the Acebreaker are on tie for the most powerful TimeStrike character.

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