Ghasja redesign
Current Age 17
Gender Male
Location Downtown Miramshad
Current Status Dead; Ghost
Main Weapon(s) Limbless Arms
Ability/ies Fist and feet extending, invisibility, floating
Vulnerable To Fire, toxic spike pits
First Appearance Heztics
 Ghasja is the one of the protagonists of Heztics, alongside Revensko and Julie.  He is a ghost of the Nehia family, being the only one to die that resurrected as a ghost.  His primary objective is mostly unknown, but it's said he wants to know who he is.



Ghasja, as he is a ghost, can turn invisible, and can phase through walls. However, he can also extend his fists and feet far distances for very long ranged combat, and can float high in the air, although he is weak to virtually anything, especially fire. Whenever he absorbs a lot of chaotic energy around him, he slowly transforms into his Wipeout form, and if it is complete, he will go on a rampage and destroy almost anything that he identifies as a threat, even if it is only slight.

Ghasja possesses several unique traits.  For one, staring at his eyes immediately forms a temporal case of insomnia, and pulling at his arrow-shaped medallion would immediately form a sharp wave of pain and sent it through that person's body to heavily harm them.


Ghasja is unbelievably calm, even in the worst of situations.  He's never excited or scared of anything, more concentrated on his objectives than what's happening on the planet.  It's difficult for him to befriend anyone due to his "locked-in" personality.  If someone is to die, he will not care unless it is someone he truly cares for, like Charmine.

Relationships with other characters


The two hate one another always, and fight one another or have extremely enormous arguments.  Even though Ghasja is usually a calm person, he cannot help but raise his voice loud and far.  It is often one of the two's dates that will break the fight.


Ghasja and Charmine get along very well, and have often been noted as best friends.  They are in love with each other, although they hardly show this at all.



  • Ghasja's design and name are the only ones to have been entirely original concepts.
  • Along with Revensko, the two were set to appear in a series known as Ghasja's Quest, but the series was scrapped and they became protagonists for General's War, which was then scrapped to make way for Heztics.
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