First Appearance: Mysterious Seven Project

Born and raised by his mother in Manhattan, New York City. His parents divorced when he was two months. His mother (as well as his father) worked in marketing, where they met. The long hours the mother worked left the young George by himself for long hours every day, providing him (in his own words), the time he needed to think about various subjects, listen to radio, and practice his impersonations, that where acclaimed by his mother and coworkers since an early age. Carlin started out as a conventional comedian and had achieved a fair degree of success as a Bill Cosby style raconteur in nightclubs and on TV until the late 1960s, when he radically overhauled his persona. His routines became more insightful, introducing more serious subjects. As he aged, he became more cynic and bitter, unintentionally changing his stage persona again in a radical way throughout the 90s. This new George Carlin, usually referred to as the late George Carlin, is one of the most acclaimed and enjoyed by the public and critics. Carlin's forte is Lenny Bruce-style social and political commentary, spiced with nihilistic observations about people and religion peppered with black humor. He is also noted for his masterful knowledge and use of the English language. Carlin's notorious "Seven Dirty Words" comedy routine was part of a radio censorship case that made its way to the U.S. Supreme Court in 1978.


  • Standard Special: The Seven Dirty Words - Uses one of the seven dirty words which will damage an opponent based off how "pure" they are. Characters that curse often won't be phased.
  • Side Special: Napalm - Throws some Napalm at a character, which sticks to a character. When he executes the move again, it will be a lit match, causing an explosion.
  • Up Special: Silly Putty - Throws some silly putty up, acting as a grappling hook.
  • Down Special: Dog - Sends out a dog, which will head to the nearest opponent and hump the fucking shit out of their leg.
  • Super Move: Texas Execution - Sets up a couple of electric chairs and anyone on the ground will be forced into the chairs. Zap! Anyone in the electric chairs will be hit with a large amount of damage. Anyone in air won't be put into the chairs though.

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