Genesis female

Genesis male

Current Age 16
Date of Birth [dependent]
Gender [dependent]
Species Human (or humanoid)
Align Neutral
Current Status Alive
Height [customizable]
Weight [customizable]
First Appearance Phase 2

Genesis is an avatar character that debuts in the second phase of the Zaxinian Lifts, otherwise known as the Mallorian Monarch era. They are a somewhat vital character in the story that's built to the player's pleasing and wishes, with their weapons and abilities largely depending on what the player chooses them to use. The option to design a custom avatar only occurs upon starting one's first ZL game following Phase 1. If they choose to not customize the character, they will be a swordsman or swordswoman just named Genesis. They appear in a good number of the games starting with Split Personality, and have the unique distinction of always following what the player wants them to do, which can leave a different impact on the story, although often not a large one.

Their personality and quirks are often not settled upon early in the course of the Monarch, with their feelings being rather neutral and overall generic. As they start to evolve and change with the course of the story with the player's actions, their emotions and reactions will change, which are often dependent on the characters that Genesis chooses to interact with. By setting a character up with two personality cores, their character can have some really unique side of them that's unexplored in any other ZL character. They can become strong leaders or crippled with depression, and die when the game feels that the character has suffered enough. Who are they, where do they come from? Those are questions that will be answered further in the chronology of the Zaxinian Lifts.


Genesis' personality, if unaltered, is strong and lionhearted if male with a taste of cockiness and overconfidence. He often suffers episodes of tears if he fails to meet a promise or defeat a foe. If female, she will be courageous but rather unsure of herself, doubting her talents but still pressing on. Otherwise, it is entirely up to the player what their personality is. If the player happens to play games that are released later in the chronology of the Lifts, then decisions will be set in stone in previous games that often fall on a randomized route, so Genesis could live an unstable era if the player decides to play games ahead of time. To prevent this, TimeStrike encourages fans to play the games he's in in numerical order.


If Genesis is completely unaltered, then they will be a swordsfighter with a sword named Timebreaker. They have average statistics and have decent running and defending techniques, able to slow down time to react better to counterstrikes. Like with their personality, Genesis is totally customizable when it comes to her abilities. Players can give Genesis up to three different quirks, a weapon of their choice, and a personal strength and weakness. The V² will record this information and remember it with every subsequent game. Each individual Genesis built will be different than others, having access to different areas and treasures with all the ways they could be set up.

List of customizable traits

  • Gender
  • Hairstyle (if any)
  • Head shape
  • Racial tone
  • Body tone
  • Body shape
  • Eye color
  • Facial hair (if any)
  • Hip size
  • Belly size
  • Arm length
  • Leg length
  • Feet size
  • Chest size
  • Earrings (if any)
  • Tattoos (if any)
  • Top clothing (layers 1 - 4)
  • Bottom clothing (layers 1 - 4)
  • Arm accessories (if any)
  • Leg accessories (if any)
  • Weapon (name can be decided by player)
  • Core abilities (up to three)


  • "Genesis" as a name was chosen given the "rebirth" era of the Lifts and for the fact that its a unisex name.
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