If ye ever dare impede me friends vith yer pathetic army, I shall make it dat thy next time dat ye see me and me pretty face, dat day...vill be yer last.
General Syande
General Syande
As drawn by Helena.
Current Age 19
Date of Birth March 27th; 1996
Zodiac Sign Aries
Gender Female
Species Vampire
Location Crystal Grotto
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Ember Wand
First Appearance General's Pieces

General Syande Sassface Caramel, or simply just "General Syande", is the sole sister of General Scotch and General Snickers as well as an uncommon character in the fiction. She is a vampire - and one of the very few - to appear in the galaxy of Zonar, and is considered as a threat to the aliens prominent in the story due to her rich blood content, which is warm enough to seep through their skins.



General's Journey

This story introduces Syande in the first Chapter, but introduces the character itself in the fourth Chapter. Her origins, her reasons, and her vampire story originate from this fiction alone.

Physical Description

General Syande is an adult character with an extremely pale skin tone and two red eyes.  Long white hair spreads down her backside and a large tuft of it covers the left eye. Her hat is very similar to Scotch's, but the bottom is yellow rather than green and splits two different ways.  She has two fangs, and has a mirror hanging from her golden necklace.  She wears red, jester-like shoes.


General Syande is definitely mischievous and enjoys coming off as such to friends and foes alike, being sneaky and sometimes a bit seductive, although the latter is usually out of a joking manner.  While that is her main personality, she has a secondary personality that seems to vary by the house, this personality often has a kind of pull on her usual attitude.  For example, she can be passive aggressive and still come off painfully mischievous.

Something to be noted is that she speaks with "V"'s instead of "W"'s and speaks in a more childish manner, using "dat" instead of "that", "dere" instead of "there", etc etc.  However the more childish manner is done more so on purpose, for she enjoys the freedom of saying whatever flies off her tongue rather than being particularly careful with how she speaks.


Syande is a very unique character in comparison to her team because she has vampire traits.  She is quite strong and runs very fast, and is a very effective user of the air, able to dash around at ridiculously high speeds.  Syande is very threatening and can easily catch and take down her foes.  Unlike most vampires, Syande doesn't exactly need to bite into her opponent to have her blood, she just needs to spill it.  Her powers are somewhat weakened by sunlight, though.

Syande has gained the ability to use magic from a friend known as Malice, having been given the Ember Wand. Taught to use magic such as Dark Arts from this alternative Harry Potter dimension "villain", Syande knows how to use magic on the field of combat. It is unknown how the wand was taken outside the view of the Ministry of Magic, but Syande is capable of using skills such as the Killing Curse, the Freezing Charm, and more.

Relationships with Other Characters



  • Syande's name is the only one out of the three generals that isn't the name of any type of candy.  Despite this, her name still begins with an "S".
  • General Syande, despite having wings, is not a wind elemental in the General's Journey series.
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