Heh. You? Change the way the corrupted government works? In your dreams, Mr. Alcoholic.
General Snickers, to Scotch
General Snickers
General Snickers by Exo
Current Age 18
Date of Birth February 17th, 1998
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Windside Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Firearms
First Appearance General's Journey
Voice Actor(s)
Patrick Stump

General Snickers Hershey Caramel, or simply just "General Snickers" or "Snickers", is the evil brother of General Scotch and is everything you don't want in a person, including him being a stubborn butthole, being politically incorrect most of the time, and being a passive aggressive leader who fights with brawns over brain.

General Snickers, despite being the antagonist of General's Journey and therefore being one of General Scotch's largest enemies, actually plays a higher role in the Zaxinian Lifts timeline, thanks to his high power level, his incredible durability, and an almost unmatched power in sharpshooting.



General's Journey

General Snickers debuts in this fiction as the rival and brother to General Scotch. While he does join his younger brother later on, he can prove to be a pain to travel with, and is always setting up on the team. He also works for Commander Alien (unknown for Scotch's knowledge) and proves to be one of the largest pains.

Project Needles

By this point, General Snickers is very powerful and a powerful army commander, having overtaken what General Scotch used to own, and uses all he can to devastate Needles. However, as expected, he fails by the end of the Hero story.

Physical Description

General Snickers is a 6'1" American eighteen year old, noted for his somewhat muscular appearance and light tan, and simple clothing. Unlike Scotch's simple grey shirt, he has a black shirt with a yellow "warning triangle" on it, and wears a shiny yellow jacket. Rather than jeans, he wears dark yellow shorts and has black sneakers. His hat is very much like Scotch's, although it has a pink lining at the bottom rather than green. Extending down from the bottoms of his hat are long, black curls.


General Snickers is a military general - just like Scotch! - but he leads a different troop, filled with aliens disguised as humans, named the Sweet Troop. He can command his army rather well, not as well as Scotch to his army, but just good enough to keep his job and to impress his enemies. His skills are so good that Admiral Twix promoted him to general as well - not aware of the alien troops. He's also an incredible sharpshooter and overall guns user that it's hard to overwhelm him.

Physically, Snickers is pretty powerful, able to slam down opponents with his thick arms, and be able to use his arms to deflect bullets. He can also pick up enemies and toss them around, and slam them into the ground. He can also use physical weapons, like maces, to devastate his foes.


General Snickers is ruthless, powerful, and a sarcastic "butthole" as General Scotch himself would put it. He will never end a fight until he wins, with very few exceptions. His increasingly rising temptation to overthrow Scotch as the main general has always pushed his anger to high limits, making him a dangerous foe. He is absolutely careless to everyone, with very few exceptions (Oyster; Keil), and never helps out people when they are in need, very different from Scotch.

Snickers, when he's not being evil or doing malicious things, pulls many pranks, does careless things, and makes an intense amount of jokes and puns, from politically incorrect ones to highly sexually ones, and they're usually pretty good jokes or bad (in a good way) puns. He's the comedy of the team, but he's rather evil with what he finds funny and often finds ways to insult his teammates using his humor.

Snickers is widely criticized by others in the Zaxinian Lifts for his absolutely heartless words, including inducing self depreciation, stopping people from achieving their dreams, and purposefully re-coursing their lives just to annoy them and make them absolutely miserable - which he highly enjoys. As such, he's often been targeted by heroes - and even villains - just for how awful he is.

Snickers is also very sexual and always tries to get with people that are his age or higher, and...well he does a terrible job with that. People always break up with him either because he was being hugely stupid or they learned the truth about him. It happens so much that it's a common event in his life.

Relationships with Other Characters

General Scotch

Snickers really despises Scotch, enough to make him hate the dude more than anyone else. He often tries to bring down Scotch's ideas, always refuses them even when they benefit Snickers himself. When he fights Scotch for real, he never holds back and tries to actually kill him, and will do anything to prove that he is the superior, more intelligent, and most powerful human in the world, forty steps ahead of him. This distasteful relationship between him and Scotch has made many people hate Snickers.


Snickers laughs at Oshelia and finds her a huge waste of space, and finds her as stupid as Scotch, but beautiful, therefore he will not kill her. When he tries to get around to killing Scotch, he waits for Oshelia to come about and see it.


Snickers is actually sincere, polite, and friendly towards Oyster, thanks to the fact that Oyster actually cared enough to save his life after he nearly fell over a cliff by the side of town. Ever since, they've talked quite a bit to each other.


The "in your dreams" love interest of Snickers. Snickers loves her, and I mean, a lot, and a lot. However, her being not interested in Snickers, always just messes with him just to get his hopes up, but doesn't have any interest in him - unknown to Snickers, who pesters her pretty often. This has gotten him into some stupid situations, but he always squirms his way out of them.



  • General Snickers was originally developed by snicks' brother but was taken over by snicks anyway.
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