General Scotch
Current Age 17
Date of Birth Nov. 15 1998
Zodiac Sign Scorpio
Gender Male
Species Human
Location Windside Town
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Umbra Blade
First Appearance General's Jounrey
Voice Actor(s)
Lotus Juice

General Butterscotch Cornbread Caramel, or simply just "General Scotch" or "Scotch", is a war general, and is the alcoholic leader of the unofficially named Vinegar Troops.  He is one of Zonar's most well-known people, and spends his time seeking the alien Xtise, his arch-nemesis.

Physical Description

General Scotch is a 5'7" American seventeen year old notable for his rather bulky appearance and yet his really simple clothing. Scotch is usually seen wearing a grey clad shirt with black jeans and shiny black boots. His signature, grey hat is almost always on his head, the bottom having a green lining. On his back is a yellow and black backpack with alcohol bottles popping out of the top of it, signifying that it's almost always filled with them, be filled or empty.

Scotch has brown, curly hair, most of which is hidden under his hat, but what's not under his hat runs down the sides of his face. When war is started, Scotch quickly pulls back his hair and puts it into a ponytail, to signify his expressions for war.


General Scotch is a rather forgetful, but happy and sensible person who does what he can to make his friends happy.  He's simple-minded and has predictable and obvious intentions, but he's really friendly and even tries to make allies out of enemies, with the exception of the alien gang that his arch-nemesis Xtise leads.  When he's on the brinks of war, Scotch takes a very serious attitude, and will march straight into a battle with no objections, especially if commanded by his officer, Twix.  Despite his powerful presence in war, Scotch is actually unwilling to hurt most of everyone, even some of the aliens.

Rather notably, Scotch tries to push forward a sense of humor outside of war, although most of it consists of lazy jokes and obvious puns.  Along with that, he has a positive attitude and tries to be the cheering factor of his troop if his girlfriend Oshelia cannot.


General Scotch is a military general, and has the Vinegar Troop ready to go almost at all times. He may be an alcoholic, but it doesn't mess with how well he can command people, considering he's been doing it all through his life, including through childhood. His commanding skills are the reason why he became general; not his personality, after all. His skills are so good that he's been the most reliable man that Admiral Twix has had under the wing, at the get-go.

General Scotch can also battle himself, but he's rather inexperienced and doesn't know how to fight very well, especially with his weapon, the Umbra Blade, which wasn't exactly designed for him to handle. The Umbra Blade is very sharp and can slice through a lot of material, and inflects poison into enemies, but it's also very heavy, and because Scotch isn't very strong, he can't actually wield the weapon well, except when he's drunk, which gives him a lot of excessive power.

Relationships with Other Characters



The two share a romantic relationship with each other, although they seldom have time to talk with each other. Mostly they hug and kiss, as they rarely have time to do much else. Deep within their hearts, the two care immensely for each other, and if one fell, the other would be filled with either total sadness, or absolute rage, depending on if the kill was by natural means or by murder.

General Syande

The two rarely see each other, but when they do, they almost always get along very quickly.  While she teases Scotch's size, she admires his braveness and often says that Snickers is the inferior brother when she compares Scotch and the aforementioned general.  Unlike Snickers, she has great worrying issues when Scotch is hurt and always comes to his aid, making their sibling relationship ever stronger.


Scotch isn't very fond of Keil, finding her annoying and irritating, yet keeps her in the Vinegar Troops because of her special ability to completely render Snickers a harmless threat. Keil tends to treat herself higher than Scotch, often lifting him and carrying him around to signify his weakness. Keil's teasing with Scotch though, has sparked some of Oshelia's few cases of anger.


Scotch and Brook get along well, although they rarely speak. Sometimes Brook thinks Scotch does too many risky things or acts like a total idiot with commanding, and Scotch can get a bit tired of how laid-back he is. Despite their differences, they work unusually well together, with both their strong offenses able to plow through most enemies.


General Snickers

Scotch and Snickers are harsh enemies. While they were friends at childhood, Snickers has taken bad examples of behavior from others, and has multiplied their severity to come off as annoying and harsh. He started off as just rude and sarcastic to Scotch, and eventually only cared about Keil, his love interest, although she doesn't love him back. Snickers eventually began attempting to murder Scotch so he can lead the Troops himself, and carry on with his "ultimate plans". Scotch doesn't truly hate Snickers, but has a large distaste for him.



  • He was supposed to be named after the candy, butterscotch, not the alcoholic beverage.  Athena did not know when naming him that such a beverage ever existed.
    • To reflect off the author's mistake, Scotch is often seen breaking bottle after bottle of alcohol that Snickers owns whenever the latter's on his free time.
      • This is ironic because Scotch is somewhat of a drunkard.
  • Originally, his series was meant to be a very long story consisting of four hundred chapters.  However, it was split into several arcs, and many more characters have been introduced, and the story was scrapped so that Scotch could become seriesless.
  • Scotch was originally going to have no girlfriend whatsoever, or even a team, but ever since Drebbles aided in development, both of those were accomplished.
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