General's Pieces
General's Pieces is a 2019 strategy video game with first person shooter elements developed by TimeStrike and released for The V². It was inspired by various games including Team Fortress 2, Metroid Prime, and Wario: Master of Disguise. It is said to be the game that solves the shrouded mystery of halted projects, especially those centering around General's Journey or its subseries, alike Split Personality and Nature Warrior, while also featuring guests from related series such as Sweet Invader and Gone.

The game's setting is held within two different galaxies that are war, which are Zonar and Hisplit, and you play as General Scotch and his friends in your battle to keep Zonar from being too harmed from the opponents residing in Hisplit. Alternatively, you can play as Pierce Hazel and attempt to obliterate Zonar. Whichever side you pick, neither of their endings are canon and completing both leads to a canon, Final Story.

General's Pieces revolves around the playable characters navigating their environments carefully and bombing the opposing team to be the last ones surviving the match, while trying to keep their own allies fresh and healthy. Players can choose from several weapons to use to navigate the fields and fill up their inventories with various items they can use later to gain advantages over their foes. Players can also make customized soldiers and characters to help them in combat.


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